California Loss of Consortium Action

What is a Loss of Consortium Action in California?

What is a Loss of Consortium action?  In California, there is a recognizable cause of action for loss of consortium for the spouse and/or registered domestic partner of the injured party. California does not recognize a loss of consortium claim for parent/child. Cohabitants of the injured person do not have a viable claim either.

Recently, a case came up where a man was badly injured due to an accident. Unfortunately, his injuries permanently affected his ability to carry out activities of daily living. It was clear to me that his injuries had taken a toll on his wife. Even though his wife was not involved directly in the accident, I advised her that she may want to consider and bring a claim for loss of consortium.

In California, the loss of consortium is defined a claim for the loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support and/or the loss of the enjoyment of sexual relations between the injured parties. (CACI section 3920). In essence, when a party is badly injured due to an accident, their spouse will be able to have a claim for the loss of activities they were formerly able to do. Typically, this does not come into context for motor vehicle accidents with minor injuries. However, for severe accidents with traumatic and debilitating injuries, there is definitively value in these types of claims.

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