Busy Traffic Causes Accidents in Orange County

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The City of Orange is located just north of the county seat in Santa Ana, and just to the west of Anaheim in a busy traffic corridor that results in a high number of accidents with injury each year. The city of Orange has a population above 130,000 and features one of largest concentrations of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places located in “Old Towne”. Orange is home to Chapman University, and the affluent community of Villa Park is located within the physical boundaries of the City of Orange.

Orange CA Is a Busy Traffic and Trucking Corridor

Two of the busiest highways in Orange County, the 55 and the 91 Riverside Freeway line its northwest corner connecting Riverside and the Inland empire with Orange County and Ultimately Los Angeles and San Diego. These highways are heavily travelled with numerous car and truck accidents due to the high volume of traffic as well as the accordion style pattern of traffic speeding up and slowing down to a stop at different points and at different times of day.

Distracted drivers who are monitoring texts or e-mails are quickly startled by cars who have come to a stop after travelling 35mph only moments before. Rear end collisions, and chain reaction multi-car incidents are a common experience in this section of Orange County. The 55 and 91 freeways also carry heavy commercial truck and tractor trailer traffic. Truck accidents can result from unclear lane changes, unsafe speed, driver fatigue and in some cases equipment failure. Accidents involving trucks usually result in serious injuries and in some cases fatalities. From a legal perspective, injury cases involving trucks are quite complex as there are often multiple parties and layers of insurance companies involved, and the financial exposure these companies face requires them to maintain a highly skilled legal team.

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