Irvine/Fountain Valley Freeway Traffic Bottlenecks and Car Accidents Reported as Worst in State

A recent study conducted by Caltrans has rated the 405 freeway section in Irvine and Fountain Valley as one of the worst in state in terms of traffic bottlenecks and car accidents. The only area in California with worse traffic congestion was the 5 Freeway between the 605 and 710 freeways between Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Otherwise, the 405 freeway between Irvine and Fountain Valley was the worst in the state. In response to the freeway bottlenecks, and the traffic and accidents they create, Caltrans is planning to spend $1.7 billion dollars to renovate and expand the 405 freeway on the worst congested sections.

Despite these plans for future renovation, the fact remains that in its present condition, the 405 freeway in Orange County is the location for many traffic congestion and accidents. Drivers on their daily commute should always practice safe driving habits including keeping a safe distance with the car ahead of you, always using turn signals, and always checking for blind spots when making lane changes. As Orange County Residents, we must share the roads together and drive safely with each other to avoid accidents!

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