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Transmitting an STD to a partner without providing advance notification that you are a carrier is a civil violation in Anaheim, Orange County and across California. If you have been given an STD such as Herpes, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or AIDS by a person of substance including a professional athlete, celebrity, business owner, professor, or member of the clergy we can help you to hold them financially accountable.

$10 Million STD Client PaymentHear From Two Actual Clients About Their Journey Through STD Transmission

These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help:

Anaheim is home to several professional sports teams including the MLB Anaheim Angels, the Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey team, and the Los Angeles KISS arena football team who will play in the Honda Center. Anaheim is also home to Bryman College and Anaheim University, Disneyland and several high tech companies. Unfortunately, professional athletes and people of power have been known to abuse their stature and take a more cavalier approach to their STD and how they behave in intimate relationships.

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STD Transmission Can Be Proven

One of the things biggest arguments our STD clients hear is “it’s your word against mine, you can’t prove you got Herpes (HPV or some other STD) from me.” Actually, it is quite possible to identify specific strains, timeframe of infection and other factors that can help to prove transmission of an STD from one person to another. We are also able to prove that your partner was aware that they had the disease before transmitting it to you, and should have been upfront with you in advance of intimate contact.

Many of our clients have heard threats like “I have the best attorneys money can buy,” or “this will destroy your reputation.” We protect our client’s confidentiality and pursue these cases in the strictest of confidence whenever possible. We have had several positive outcomes for our clients here in Orange County, across California and now throughout the United States. You will have to live with this STD for the rest of your life, and there will be medical expenses and changes in your lifestyle that will impact the quality of your life in the months and years to come. We help you to hold responsible parties accountable so that you can move forward with your life.

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An Experienced Wrongful STD Transmission Attorney

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My name is Rivers J. Morrell III, and I have more than 40 years of experience in personal injury cases here in California. I invite you to call me for a private, confidential and complimentary consultation at (949) 305-1400, or contact me to discuss your case and how I can be of service. Our STD transmission clients have been very happy with their experiences with our firm, and the completion of their cases restores confidence and empowerment to move forward with the rest of their lives.

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