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Are you considering a civil lawsuit against USC for sexual abuse by Dr. George Tyndall or another associated medical professional, professor or USC employee?  Hundreds have already brought civil lawsuits against the University of Southern California for failing to take action for almost 30 years on complaints of sexual abuse by Dr. George Tyndall, a USC campus gynecologist.

Dr. Tyndall was a student health clinic gynecologist who was employed by USC for decades.  Victims have come forward against Dr. Tyndall with allegations going back to the beginning of his practice in 1989.  The case appears very similar to a recent lawsuit against Michigan State University involving Dr. Larry Nassar.  MSU settled that case for $500 million providing over $1.3 million for each of the 332 victims.

Allegations Against Dr. George Tyndall

The allegations against Dr. George Tyndall suggest severe cases of sexual abuse and assault.  Former patients have publicly accused Dr. Tyndall of sexual touching including insertion of his fingers into the vagina or anus of a patient.  In addition, Dr. Tyndall stands accused of watching patients as they undressed, requiring them to lie on an examination table with appropriate garb or cover, and taking pictures of their genitals.

Dr. Tyndall is also accused of making inappropriate comments and harassment associated with a patient’s breasts or vagina, as well as falsely diagnosing Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs.

California Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse Assault or Rape

Sexual Abuse Assault Rape Civil AttorneyCalifornia provides for criminal charges in cases of sexual abuse assault or rape.  Our civil code also provides legal options for financial relief which is unavailable in a criminal case.  A civil lawsuit against USC for sexual abuse by Dr. George Tyndall or others provides the opportunity to seek justice and hold perpetrators in sexually related crimes accountable for what they’ve done.

A civil sexual abuse assault and rape case against Dr. George Tyndall and the University of Southern California or USC will provide Dr. Tyndall’s victims with the financial resources necessary to recover from what has happened and receive the treatment, support and counseling they will require as they recover and move forward with their lives.

Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience in these civil personal injury cases.  Our work in sexual abuse assault and rape cases is similar to our work with victims who have suffered STD transmission.  We provide compassionate, experienced and skilled legal representation for those who have suffered these crimes at the hands of people who are in positions of power, trust or responsibility such as Dr. Tyndall and USC.

It is not possible to undo what has happened to the patients of Dr. George Tyndall but the Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell III will aggressively pursue all legal avenues to help restore our client’s sense of well-being, strength and hope.  Our work together in a civil lawsuit against USC for sexual abuse by Dr. George Tyndall will help you to move forward and recover the resources necessary to recover and heal.

“Don’t give up your faith.  You’re not alone… I contacted 11 attorneys before I found Rivers.  He listened, for a long time, he listened… and it meant the world to me.”

Justice For Victims of Sexual Abuse Assault and Rape by Dr. Tyndall at USC

Representing Victims of Sexual Assault Abuse and RapeThe Law Firm of Rivers Morrell will seek justice for the victims of sexual abuse assault and rape at the hands of Dr. George Tyndall or USC.  We hold sexual perpetrators financially responsible and and accountable under California’s civil code.  We have helped our clients to recover millions of dollars in cases involving sexual crimes such as:

A Law Firm with the Power, Resources and Skill to Hold Dr. Tyndall and USC Accountable

The Law Firm of Rivers Morrell has the power, resources and proven legal skill required to hold Dr. Tyndall and USC accountable for sexual abuse and sexual assault.  Rivers Morrell has extensive experience in civil sexual crimes cases.  He will listen to what happened to you and help to restore a sense of well-being in your life.

If you, your child or someone you love is a victim of Dr. George Tyndall we invite you read the powerful reviews of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call (949)305-1400 for a free, private and confidential consultation.  You will speak personally with Rivers Morrell who has more than 40 years of experience in these cases about the process and expectations regarding a civil lawsuit against USC for sexual abuse by Dr. George Tyndall.