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What Should You Do if Your Child or a Loved One Is Injured by a Dog?

Huntington Beach is an outgoing and out-of-doors lifestyle and many of the almost two-thirds of the city’s property owners have dogs. California provides guidance on breeds that are known to be aggressive, but all dogs in Huntington Beach must be kept on a leash outside of the home. Huntington Beach HOAs have started to limit the size of dogs and even place restrictions on certain breeds including pit bulls, Doberman Pinchers and Rottweilers. But any dog is capable of unexpectedly attacking and biting a person or child if they are startled or feel that an owner is in danger.  What happens with a dog bite in Huntington Beach?

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In many cases, the dog bite victim is visiting a friend or relative and the homeowner is well known to the family. As an experienced dog bite and injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience, I can tell you that one must be sensitive to the interpersonal relationships involved in these cases. No one wants to sue a friend or family member, and yet it is the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance that is going to cover the incident and become the source of recovery for all resulting medical bills, trauma, physical and emotional therapy.

What Should You Do if you are Injured by a Dog Bite?

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Dog Bites Leave Nasty Wounds

When a dog bites in Huntington Beach, or anywhere else in Orange County, they leave tearing wounds that cannot heal without leaving highly visible scars. Many of these scars require multiple plastic surgery procedures to correct, spread over a period of several years. The motion of a bite breaks the skin and can cause damage to the nerves, ligaments and tendons beneath. As wounds heal, a dog bite victim may realize that they are beginning to lose a range of motion or the ability to grip, requiring extensive physical and occupational therapy.

In addition, Huntington Beach residents and visitors who are bitten by dogs may experience a form of post traumatic stress, requiring psychological support and counseling. Children are especially vulnerable to the psychological damages that occur after an attack. Many lose primary functional feelings of “security” or “safety in public” resulting in withdrawal from normal activities and even a fear to go outside.

My name is Rivers J. Morrell, III and as experienced injury lawyer who has managed hundreds of dog bite cases I can tell you that it is important to make sure that the victim of a dog bite has all of the resources to physically and emotionally recover from the attack, while providing the future services and treatment that will be needed.

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If you, your child or someone you love suffers a dog bite in Huntington Beach resulting in injuries that required medical treatment I invite you to contact me or call us personally at (949)305-1400. There is no out of pocket cost as we work on a contingency fee basis. I will manage all of the legal details and conversations with insurance representatives. This allows you to focus on healing from the attack, ensuring the physical and emotional well being of the dog bite victim so that you can move forward with life.

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