Proving the Source of Herpes, HPV and Other STDs

Reliable STD tests make it more possible to prove a wrongful STD transmission.  Getting an STD, especially when you have not been warned that your partner is a carrier, can be one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. This is a lifelong event, as there is no cure. The signs and symptoms of Herpes, HPV and any other STD disease or virus can manifest themselves often, and when least expected. There are medications for most of the symptoms, but there is no cure.

When we get a call from a prospective client, they have many questions. Often it has to do with how difficult it will be to prove that one particular partner is the one that transmitted the virus. A test may assist in this.

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These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help. You might need to “un mute” the volume at the bottom of the video during playback:

True Story of 2 Actual STD Clients of Rivers Morrell

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Reliable STD Tests

One of the questions we frequently are asked is what kind of reliable STD test should be chosen? Can a test tell me when I contracted the virus? Should I have a blood test, and/or a culture test? One has to be careful for “false positives”. That is, the test comes back positive, but it is in error. A blood test looks for the body’s reaction to the Herpes infection/virus. That is, when the body has the Herpes infection, the body tries to fight this off by producing certain antibodies. And the blood test is looking for those antibodies.

Best STD Attorney in Orange County CaliforniaThere are generally two types of antibodies: IgG, and IgM. You can have a positive of one, and a negative of another. If you have a positive IgG, and a negative IgM, then your Herpes is likely not recent. This can be of help in determining who may have infected you. On the other hand, if both are positive, this suggests that the infection is recent, perhaps with the prior 2 months.

Blood tests are not as reliable as culture tests. The blood test is known to have too many false positives. It can sometimes take up to many months for the body to produce the antibodies that are used to fight off the infection. Here you might have a false negative. That is, the test is negative, but it is only because the body has not produced the antibodies as of the time of the test.

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On the other hand, when you do a culture test, you are looking directly for the Herpes virus. These reliable STD tests are considered the “gold standard” in testing for Herpes, particularly HSV 2 (genital herpes). A culture test takes a swab from the symptom (lesion), and that is tested. If done within 48 hours, this test can be quite reliable. This test can also tell you if you have HSV-1, or HSV-2. But you can also get “false negatives”. This can happen if you test when the lesion is too small, or already beginning to heal.

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Hear from Rivers Morrell personally about his work with those who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help. You might need to “un mute” the volume at the bottom of the video during playback:

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