The women in these videos are not actresses, they are three separate real clients of the Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell who have been through the experience of unexpected STD transmission without advance warning.

In the first video “There is Hope” our client shares her perspective on moving forward from the moment of receiving the news, through selecting an attorney to work with, complications of the pandemic (which delayed legal proceedings) and the strength she gained from the process.

She also shares what it is like to work with Rivers and Tuan as well as words of hope for those who are searching for answers.

There Is Hope


In our next video, two actual clients, “T” and Cynthia, provide deep insight and sound advice for others who are struggling with the issues associated with STD transmission and recovery.

The True Story of Two Actual STD Clients (not actors)

The True Story of Two Actual STD Clients and the video “There is Hope” are gifts from those who have been where you are.  They can truly connect with much of what you are experiencing and provide sound counsel to move forward and heal.

There is a lot to learn about the process, STD testing, and how the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell can and will help you.

Helping my clients to move from a place of hopelessness to a place of empowerment is one of the most important and fulfilling aspects of my work as an STD transmission civil attorney. My clients enjoy the easy, direct access to me through texts, emails and cell phone calls – or a visit to my offices. They appreciate the manner with which I protect their dignity and privacy, while resolving their case to provide the financial resources needed to manage the impact of herpes and move forward positively with their life.

I invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as the successful verdicts and settlements I have achieved at trial on behalf of my clients, and

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If you have been given a sexually transmitted disease by a partner without warning I can help you to stand up to them and recover for the challenges you will face in the coming months and years. I invite you to contact me for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949)305-1400.

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