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When You Are Injured Due to Another's Negligence

Injury accidents happen without warning, interrupting your life resulting in substantial medical bills, lost wages and the burden of enduring a painful recovery, Insurance companies offer much lower than your case is actually worth. You need a proven, aggressive advocate to protect your interests and ensure you receive the maximum financial recovery available.

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  • Pedestrian/Bike Case$1.45 Million

    Rivers Morrell Represented a bicyclist who was hit by a truck and severely injured. A truck exiting a highway fails to come to a stop at the bottom of the ramp striking and severely injuring the bicyclist. The injured client has permanent injuries and our law firm had to pursue multiple entities and insurance companies to maximize the settlement for our client.

  • Motorcycle Injury$1.265 Million

    Rivers Morrell represented a motorcyclist who was seriously injured when a car pulled out in front of him. He ran into the side of the vehicle resulting in several broken bones and internal injuries, hardware in his wrist and leg and a future hip replacement. Our law firm secured a $1.265 million settlement to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and future medical costs.

  • Pedestrian on Handicap Ramp$840,000

    Rivers Morrell represented a client who was injured on a handicap pedestrian ramp while entering a gas station. The client received significant injuries to his leg and knee requiring multiple surgeries. The handicap ramp was not up to code. The slop angles were too steep and the markings on the ramp did not meet regulations nor provide adequate warning of hazard.

  • Automobile Accident$700,000

    Rivers Morrell represented a client involved in a serious head-on car accident resulting in multiple injuries to our client. The client suffered serious injury to the head, shoulder, arm and pelvis requiring multiple surgeries with hardware. The client received compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and the suffering they were forced to endure during the accident and long subsequent recovery.

  • STD Transmission$250,000

    Rivers Morrell represented a woman who received an STD from a partner who did not warn her in advance of intimate contact. The client developed an STD and our firm recovered a settlement to cover past, present and future medical expenses as well as damages for the anguish she suffered and the future impact the STD will have upon her life.

"I was very upset that it was necessary to litigate my auto injury case with the insurance company ... Rivers was able to resolve my case for a settlement amount that was much higher than I anticipated or expected. I would definitely recommend Rivers." - Injury Client

"You and your staff were extremely welcoming. After I called yesterday I realized I may get what I was praying for. I am not "looking for a pot of gold, but for some way to live my life as a single woman." - STD Client

"I first of all want to thank you ... for representing myself and my children so wonderfully ... you have always made me feel comfortable and most of all, have always been very straight forward with me regarding my case." - Injury Client