Bus Accident Injury Attorney - OCTA Bus Injuries LawyerAre you searching for an experienced and proven bus accident injury lawyer in Mission Viejo, Irvine, Los Angeles or the Inland empire?  If you or someone you love have been injured while riding on a bus or on The Orange County Transit Authority or “OCTA” or the “Metro” in Los Angeles your personal injury claim will face substantial challenges before you receive full and fair compensation.

Insurance companies representing the major bus companies and private carriers will do everything possible to minimize your valid personal injury claim or reject it altogether.  If you are injured while riding an OCTA bus, Metro Transit or other mode of transportation, you must file a public entity injury claim within only a few months.

The Law Firm of Rivers Morrell has successfully represented bus accident victims and those who suffer injuries while riding on public transportation such as Metro and OCTA for more than 40 years.  We work to ensure you receive the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled for all of your past, present and future medical and medication expenses as well as lost wages and just compensation for having to endure and recover from your injuries.

Rivers Morrell is an experienced and proven bus accident injury attorney based in Mission Viejo and Irvine for over 4 decades. Serving all of Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, Mr. Morrell is highly respected by insurance companies, his peers, the legal industry and his clients alike.

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“Common carriers” are held accountable for their duties to maintain public safety of their passengers and others.

Los Angeles Public Entity Liability AttorneyBus accident injury cases involve complex legal statutes.  Public transportation in California is an important mass transit alternative for commuters, school children, and travelers. Mass transit options are essential in relieving California’s congested roadways. Handing over control as a passenger of a bus requires an individual’s believe they are safe in doing so.

Bus companies and public entities operating bus lines are known in the law as common carriers are responsible for the passengers they transport by driving safely, maintaining strict adherence to passenger seat belt laws, and making sure all vehicles are properly maintained to avoid accidents and injuries.

Buses are large and difficult to maneuver, increasing the risk of driver error and potential accidents. Drivers must be properly trained, licensed, and diligent in their duties as an operator of a large vehicle.  The risk of a bus accident injury may have been higher than you realized.

Drunk, distracted driving, and speeding is not tolerated by law, and yet these issues are constantly in the news.  Carriers and public entities are liable for the wrongful actions of their drivers while they are at work.

In addition to hiring and maintaining well trained bus conductors, bus operators are responsibility as “common carriers” to ensure their fleet is well maintained and devoid of equipment defects, scheduling safe routes and avoiding dangerous road and weather conditions to prevent malfunction and accidents.

The Higher Standard of Utmost Duty of Care

Bus Accident Injury Attorney - OCTA Bus Injuries LawyerWhether an owner of operator of an escalator, bus, elevator, or train is deemed a common carrier is an important issue as common carriers are held to a higher standard and duty of utmost care.

The heightened duty of care standard makes owners and operators vulnerable to negligent suits for which non-carriers are not held liable. Bus operators are responsible for negligent hiring of bus drivers, adhering to hours of service guidelines to avoid drowsy driving.

Public vs Private Bus Entities

LA Metro Bus Injury AttorneyThe bus company, whether public or private, owes you the “utmost duty of care” associated with being a common carrier. There are many important differences between public and private bus entities.

Claims for damages against public bus entities, due to the government’s interest in immunity from private suits, are complex and often shielded by complicated negligence standards, such as strict time limitations.

Regardless of public or private bus operator, if you or a loved one is involved in a bus accident, you need a California bus accident attorney specializing in personal injury matters to navigate and advise you through the complicated legal issues involved with California’s common carrier related accident laws.

Bus Accidents Often Unfortunately Result in Serious Injuries or a Wrongful Death

A Bus is a large commercial vehicle and passengers are usually not restrained in any way inside the vehicle.  For this reason bus accidents often result in serious injuries or a wrongful death.  All personal injury claims must consider and should seek full and fair compensation for any past, present or future medical expenses, physical or occupational therapy, medications, lost wages due to missed work as well as any impact your injuries may have upon your ability to work or modifications required for your home or vehicle.

When someone loses their life in a bus accident due to the negligence of the driver, the bus company or a public entity such as OCTA or the Metro, it is known in California as a “wrongful death.”  Wrongful death actions are designed in our laws to provide compensation to surviving family for the loss of their loved one, the time they would have shared together in the future, as well as just consideration for the loss of a spouse, parent or child.  No amount of money can replace our loved ones.  A wrongful death action holds those responsible financially accountable for the negligent loss of a life.

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