E-Scooters Have Resulted in Serious InjuriesElectric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los Angeles

Are you concerned about an Electric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los Angeles?  The widespread implementation and use of dockless electric scooters or e-scooters have presented new challenges here in Los Angeles.  Almost anyone, even those without any prior operational experience, are unable unlock the e-scooters with an app on their phone, ride them, and then leave them in an area near their destination.

While these e-scooters provide a fun and inexpensive new form of travel here in Los Angeles, they have also actually proven to result in a high number of injuries to other pedestrians throughout the city.

Are you looking for an attorney who handles injury cases related to an Electric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los Angeles or Southern California?  If you have been injured in an electric scooter accident, you will need the proven representation of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who understands the laws that govern personal injury claims associated with electric scooters, pedestrians, and motor vehicles.

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Reviews for Rivers J MorrellSome people who use the scooters ride them without helmets and on sidewalks, endangering themselves and others. While e-scooter riders are “required” by the scooter providers to ride the e-scooter in a bicycle lane or on the street, many riders use them on sidewalks while attempting to dodge the pedestrians around them. Scooters have been involved in accidents with many pedestrians in Los Angeles, and even with cars and other traffic.

Lawsuits Against E-Scooter Providers in Los Angeles

Electric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los AngelesA recent class action lawsuit alleges E-scooters are responsible for many serious injuries and personal injury claims.  The lawsuit names many e-scooter providers such as “Segway” “Lime” “Bird” and “Xiaomi” seeking financial damages for gross negligence as well as “aiding and abetting assault.”

Three of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege they were simply walking down the street when they were run into from behind and seriously injured by someone on an e-scooter.  The lawsuit addresses the disregard for safety or operational awareness, specifically citing the complete lack of safety instructions for riders.

The lawsuit further alleges the E-scooter companies have created risks to the general public which were “known and/or knowable” and the placement of these scooters has represented a “wanton disregard for the safety of others.”  It further states the practices of e-scooter companies have contributed to multiple injuries by “dumping” scooters on public streets without appropriate training and screening requirements or precautions.

What Are Common Injuries Caused by E-Scooter Riders?

Have you suffered an Electric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California?  What are some of the most common injuries caused by e-scooter riders?  While scooters appear to be lightweight and easy to control, they actually travel quite quickly when compared to a pedestrian.  The force of an impact when an electric scooter strikes pedestrians on sidewalks can actually result in serious injuries such as:

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E Scooter Riders May Also Have a Personal Injury Claim

While personal injury claims may often be the result of electric scooter riders who disregard operational and safety concerns, the scooter riders are also sometimes injured due to the fault of a motor vehicle or others with whom they share the road.  E-scooters move very quickly, and a motorist may be turning right or left at an intersection and not see a scooter rider approaching or moving legally in a crosswalk.   If you are injured while riding an electric scooter due to the negligence of a car, commercial truck or other motor vehicle you will have a valid personal injury claim.

Why Will You Need A Personal Injury Attorney with 40+ Years of Experience?

Experienced Car Accident Injury AttorneyHave you suffered an Electric Scooter or E-Scooter Accident and Injury in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California?  My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience as a trial attorney and personal injury lawyer I can tell you these cases can be very legally complex.  Much like injuries to skateboarders and even motorcyclists, e-scooter riders are assumed by many to be irresponsible and reckless operators.  Insurance companies and even juries must be presented with solid evidence backed by a law firm with the resources, power, proven trial success and legal skill to make a successful personal injury claim.

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