Head Injuries Resulting From a Motor Vehicle Accident in Orange County

Severe head trauma and head injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident will totally disrupt life, requiring extensive medical treatment and in many cases physical and occupational therapy. Head trauma is usually classified as either “open head” or “closed head” injury, and both present significant challenges for accident victims.

An open head injury is usually sustained when the forces of an accident thrust the head into the windshield or supporting frame of the car, resulting in skull fracture and in some cases the penetration of a foreign object into the brain itself. As a general rule, the outcome in these injuries is directly related to the velocity of the impact and area of the brain affected by the injury.

A closed head injury is associated with the trauma of the brain as it slams against the walls of the skull during an accident. In a closed head accident, no foreign object has penetrated the brain and the resulting injuries may require more time for a complete diagnosis.  These injuries can affect all of the matter of the brain, or be localized into one “focal” region.  These injuries can range from mild to severe, based upon the force of the impact and the associated area(s) of the brain.

Closed head injuries can take longer to present many symptoms in milder cases, but they can and will have a profound affect upon the life and personality of the victim. Many tasks that were once easy to prioritize and work through become unmanageable.  Outgoing personalities can become more introverted and vice versa.  There are many symptoms of a closed head injury, but some include:

  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Seizures and Convulsions

You Don’t Have to Experience Severe Head Trauma to Seek Medical Treatment After An Accident

While it is always a sound decision to seek immediate medical treatment after any car accident, head injuries require immediate and ongoing medical attention. Treatment is important for anyone who might have bumped their head during an accident.  It doesn’t matter if you lost consciousness, many seemingly minor impacts generate significant complications down the road, and it is important to be monitored and treated at each step of the recovery process.

Unfortunately, many accident victims try to tell everyone at the scene and afterwards that they are fine – refusing treatment or transport. It is only weeks or months later that the symptoms associated with the injury begin to manifest, complicating accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Why is it Important to Seek An Experienced and Proven Injury Attorney?

Head injuries and the resulting symptoms can be difficult to isolate, and require extensive legal skill and expertise. Victims of open head and closed head injuries will require treatment for months and years to come.  Some severe head trauma cases require a “Life Care Plan” to ensure that ongoing treatment and therapy and the medical needs of the victim are met for the rest or their life.  Many accident victims under-estimate the severity of their injuries and quickly settle with insurance companies thinking all is well.  They often find out later that the accident has affected them in profound and permanent ways, and they are disappointed to realize that they cannot go back to the insurance company once their case has settled.

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