Hold A Person of Financial Substance Accountable for Transmitting HIV or AIDS in Los Angeles

Transmitting HIV or AIDS in Los Angeles

Did you know it is possible to hold a person of financial substance accountable for Transmitting HIV or AIDS in Los Angeles or anywhere in California?  It is a civil to knowingly transmit an STD without advance warning in Los Angeles and throughout California.  You can hold a person of financial substance financially accountable for transmitting HIV or AIDS in LA without warning you in advance that you are a carrier.  This is not extortion, regardless of what has been said by other celebrities such as Charlie Sheen.  Transmitting an STD such as HIV or AIDS without warning is a crime, and exposes the victim to a lifelong medical battle and complex social ramifications. There are substantial medical costs, prescriptions, treatments and psychological support expenses that will be required for you to successfully battle HIV or AIDS.  This will also have a significant impact on your romantic life, and the

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What Should You Do if You Are Injured in a DUI Car Accident

What You Should Do When You Are Injured in a DUI Car Accident

What should you do when you are injured in a DUI car accident in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Orange County? What is the process of a personal injury claim after a DUI accident and what can an experienced Mission Viejo personal injury attorney do to help you receive the compensation you deserve? The first and most important thing to know is you must see a doctor within 24 to 48 hours of any motor vehicle accident.  The success of any personal injury claim must include evidence to support the relationship of injury and resulting expenses and financial damages to the accident event.  If you don’t see a doctor in the hours after a DUI car accident in Mission Viejo the insurance company will use that against you to reduce the amount of your settlement or to reject to your injury claim altogether.  “You weren’t injured in the accident.  You didn’t

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Lawsuits for Rape and Sexual Assault Civil Lawsuits

rape and sexual assault

Most people are aware that there are criminal penalties against the wrongful party in a rape and sexual assault in Orange County.  However, most people are unaware that there are civil penalties that may be awarded and given to the victims in these type of cases.  Many people are ashamed to consider a civil lawsuit for rape or sexual assault.  I can tell you from my experience in STD transmission cases and other sex related civil cases holding their attacker responsible in a civil lawsuit is the first step in recovering personal empowerment and strength. My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience in these types of cases I can tell you this is all about regaining your inner strength, confidence and esteem.  If you are unsure why you should consider a rape and sexual assault civil lawsuit I invite you to watch this video

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The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney For Your Insurance Claim

attorney for your insurance claim

What is the importance of a personal injury attorney for your insurance claim?  Why do you need an experienced injury lawyer to handle negotiations with the insurance company?  After getting into an automobile accident, some people try to handle their own injury claims with the insurance company. They feel that they don’t need an attorney to negotiate their claim, and can do it all themselves.  “How hard can it be?” they figure. Unfortunately, there is much more to an insurance claim, than simply negotiating the amount of settlement. Most people are unaware that their health insurance, and/or medical providers can have claims for reimbursement for any services they have rendered due to the personal injury claim. They can have a lien for services that must be paid back once the personal injury claim is settled out. Most people believe that once they have settled their claim and gotten paid by

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The Real Value of Uninsured Motorist Coverage or UIM

Value of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

What is the real value of uninsured motorist coverage or UIM in Los Angeles, LA and Orange County California?  I recently had a friend call me to discuss a recent motor vehicle accident he had been involved in. While driving along the 405 freeway in the city of Costa Mesa, he was struck from behind out of nowhere. He pulled over to the side of the freeway, as did the driver that struck him from behind. However, and unbeknownst to him, another driver had struck the driver in back of him, which ultimately caused the collision. This was later verified by another independent witness that pulled over to confirm. Lucky for my friend, he had Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) under his automobile insurance policy which would cover this type of “hit and run” accident. Without this optional UIM coverage under his policy, it may be likely that he would not

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What Should You Do If You Are Bitten By A Neighbors Dog

bitten by a neighbors dog

Many people that are bitten by a neighbors dog or that of a friend are unsure of what are the proper steps for them to take in the aftermath. The first thing most people do, is get the proper medical care at the emergency room or urgent care to care for their wound. However, after receiving medical treatment, people are put in the awkward place of approaching the dog’s owner to discuss the liability for the dog bite. California is a strict liability state, which means that absent very rare exceptions, if a dog bites you, the dog’s owner is automatically liable for your damages. What this means is, if you are bitten by a dog, the dog’s owner is responsible for your medical bills and treatment, and any pain and suffering that you may have sustained from the bite. If the dog owner is a home owner, most home

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