Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Mission Viejo

CA Wrongful Death Attorney Mission Viejo

Are you searching to learn more about filing a wrongful death claim in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Southern California?  Have you lost a husband or wife, child or parent in a fatal accident in Orange County or Los Angeles?  My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience with filing a wrongful death claim in Mission Viejo and throughout California I can tell you it is important for your family to be represented by an experienced and proven wrongful death attorney. Fatal accidents often involve multiple sources of liability and more than one insurance company.  The legal issues associated with a wrongful death case are quite complex.  Insurance companies know juries do not like wrongful deaths and there is a substantial risk to the insurance company the jury will award a substantial verdict to your family.  Insurance companies closely monitor all personal injury attorneys and

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Dog Bite Injury Claim in Anaheim

Child Injured Dog Bite Attorney

Do you think you might have a dog bite injury claim in Anaheim or any of the surrounding communities in Orange County?  How do you recover for the present and future medical costs and other expenses associated with a dog bite injury?  My name is Rivers Morrell and as a dog bite and personal injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience I can tell you these cases often have a few legal wrinkles.  This is why it is important to work with an experienced and proven injury and trial attorney. Dog bite wounds are often irregular, tearing type wounds which can leave substantial visible scars.  This may require plastic surgery to correct and in many cases more than one plastic surgery over time to conceal as much as possible.  The majority of dog bite victims are children and the trauma of a dog attack will often have an

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Injured in a Mission Viejo Intersection

Mission Viejo Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a Mission Viejo intersection due to a car accident or pedestrian related injury you will need an experienced and proven Mission Viejo personal injury attorney.  My name is Rivers Morrell and I serve Mission Viejo and all of the communities of Orange County and Los Angeles from my offices in Mission Viejo and Irvine.  After more than 40 years as an injury attorney I have witnessed the increasing safety measures implemented on motor vehicles over the past several decades.  This has reduced the number of injuries, especially in head-on or rear-end collisions.  Unfortunately, the majority of injury accidents in Orange County and here in Mission Viejo occur at intersections. Intersection or turning related accidents leave occupants of a vehicle more exposed than many other forms of collision.  The side of a car offers much less protection to the occupants of the vehicle than a

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What to do If You are in a Car Accident in Mission Viejo

What to do if in an Accident in Mission Viejo

Are you wondering what do if you are in a car accident in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Southern California?  The first and most important thing to know about a car accident is it is important to have a thorough medical examination within 48 hours of the accident – even if you think you feel fine.  It surprises many people to learn the body has a way of covering things which might actually be wrong, and many injuries can take weeks or months to present actual symptoms. For example, the discs which pad the vertebrae in your spinal column are very susceptible to the severe forces of the impact in a Mission Viejo car accident.  The strain can result in small tears in these fluid filled membranes.  It may take several weeks or a few months for the fluid to leak out to the point where your body starts to

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Experienced Attorney for a Motorcycle Accident and Injuries

Mission Viejo Irvine Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Are you searching for an experienced attorney for a motorcycle accident and injuries in Mission Viejo, Irvine or anywhere in Orange County or Los Angeles?  What should you look for if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence? We invite you to begin with a video of a recent client, a Marine Corps Captain who suffered serious injuries in a recent accident while riding his motorcycle.  He shares why it is so important to be represented by an attorney and the process you can use to select an attorney. If you have been injured while driving or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle you will need strong representation to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  Our experienced attorney for a motorcycle accident and injuries has more than 40 years of experience.  The first 20 years of his career he focused upon

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Car Accident Resulting in Injuries on July 4th

Mission Viejo Accident Injury Lawyer

There is a strong history of holiday related accidents across Southern California and you should be extra cautious about the likelihood of becoming involved in a car accident resulting in injuries on July 4th.  Independence Day is a festive day across the country with people gathering for parties, picnics, and neighborhood gatherings.  After a day of celebration, food and drink many seek out local fireworks displays.  This is actually historically a dangerous holiday and we urge all to exercise caution as they travel today. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers account for the majority of car accidents and motorcycle crashes which result in injury here in Southern California.  RecIent informational campaigns have focused upon the risks of driving while “buzzed” (lightly intoxicated).  Those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs are responsible for the majority of wrongful deaths in California each year.  DUI related accidents often result in serious

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Experienced Mission Viejo Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Pit Bull Dog Bite Lawyer LA

Are you searching for an experienced Mission Viejo dog bite injury lawyer?  Have you, a family member or a child suffered a dog bite injury in Mission Viejo or any of the surrounding communities in Orange County?  Dog bites can often leave irregular wounds which tend to scar due to the tearing nature of a dog attack.  These cases often require one or more plastic surgery procedures to repair the visible scar which results from a dog bite.  There are many costs associated with the medical care, recovery and the suffering associated with being forced to endure the injuries associated with a dog attack.  You need an experienced Mission Viejo dog bite injury lawyer to protect your interests and ensure you receive full and fair compensation for what has happened. Statistics show most victims of a dog bite injury are children, and the majority of dog bite victims know the

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Pedestrian Accident and Injuries in Irvine

Attorney for Pedestrian Injuries Irvine CA

Are you searching for an attorney with extensive experience with a pedestrian accident and injuries in Irvine CA?  Pedestrian injuries are unfortunately quite common in Southern California.  The weather is obviously beautiful and the people of Southern California are very active.  This, combined with a high volume of visitors who are not used to the presence of pedestrians, leads to the statistical probability of a pedestrian accident and injuries in Irvine and throughout Orange County. Drivers may not even see a pedestrian as they make a turn into a parking lot or commercial driveway.  Pedestrians are no match for the weight and force of any vehicle, including a motorcycle.  Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries to the pedestrian including but not limited to: Head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury Broken Ribs Broken Bones and Fractures Injuries to the Spine and Neck Hip and Knee Injuries My name is Rivers Morrell,

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Experienced Car Accident and Injury Attorney in Anaheim

Experienced Car Accident Attorney Anaheim

Are you searching for an experienced car accident and injury attorney in Anaheim California?  Have you suffered injuries in an accident in Anaheim or while visiting the area?  The Law Firm of Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience representing those who are injured in car accidents in Anaheim and across Orange County and Los Angeles.  Anaheim consistently ranks as one of the highest concentrations of car accidents resulting in injury across all of California according to the California Highway Patrol.  This is often due to the fact that many drivers are unfamiliar with the area and may be easily distracted by the sights of Southern California or while looking for a specific attraction, hotel or restaurant.  Many visitors are surprised by the number of pedestrians in and around Anaheim and are not expecting them as they turn onto a street or into a parking lot. Whether you

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How to Select a Wrongful Death Attorney in Mission Viejo

Fatal Accident Lawyer Mission Viejo

Are you wondering how to select a wrongful death attorney in Mission Viejo or Orange County?  If you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident it is important to find an attorney with extensive trial experience, strong client and industry recommendations and yet a person you feel comfortable working with.  Trial experience is important for several reasons in a wrongful death case.  It may surprise you to learn many attorneys have never tried a case to a jury verdict, they simply settle all of their cases on behalf of their clients.  Insurance companies offer settlements based upon their assessment of risk, and almost always start with a much lower number than the policy provides for.  Insurance companies keep close track of all injury attorneys and know which attorneys are willing and able to take a case to trial.  The insurance company faces its highest risk before a jury. 

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