Fall Resulting in Injury at an Anaheim Nursing Home or Assisted Care Facility

There is no excuse for a fall resulting in injury at an Anaheim nursing home or assisted care facility.  Recent statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted that the average number of falls in a nursing home across the US is 2 per bed per year.  This is an astonishing statistic, and speaks to the national and local issues of understaffing and lack of appropriate supervision and care being delivered at many Anaheim nursing home and assisted care facilities.  Patients who are being neglected may attempt to get out of bed to simply use the rest room, or to seek a glass of water.  When staffing levels are appropriate and the skill and certification of health care providers meets California’s rigid standards the incidence of injury drops substantially.  If your loved one was injured in a fall at a nursing home or assisted care facility you should

Nursing Home Neglect in Anaheim Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit

Nursing home neglect in Anaheim is a civil code violation, and the family of a neglected senior can hold the healthcare facility accountable through a civil lawsuit.  There are several important signs that your beloved parent, grandparent or family member is being neglected by nursing home staff including: Overmedication – Watch for changes in medication that sedate the patient or make them less “present” of focused.  Over-medication is often used to allow nursing home facility staff to neglect their responsibility to care for the patient, and stretch times between visits to a patient’s room Dehydration – neglect of simple care such as water and hydration through fluids is another primary symptom of neglect.  Signs of dehydration in a senior citizen include dryness of mouth and thick saliva, headaches, cramping,  dark or deep yellow urine or inability to urinate.  Severe dehydration is characterized by dry and sunken eyes with little or

Compensation for Elder Abuse Claims

  In cases involving compensation for elder abuse claims or neglect of an elder (or dependent adult as defined by California law), there are different damages that are available, depending on what the Plaintiff can prove. Elder Abuse plaintiffs are typically entitled to the same types of damages as any other personal injury plaintiff is afforded which may include: lost earnings, lost earning capacity, medical expenses, future medical costs, loss of ability to provide household services, and pain and suffering damages. Additionally, the spouse of an Elder Abuse plaintiff can have a claim for loss of consortium. Family members of the elder victim may have a cause of action themselves for emotional distress. In addition to these damages, if an Elder Abuse plaintiff can prove that the defendant acted with recklessness, oppression, fraud, or malice, a Plaintiff could get enhanced remedies including attorney’s fees and costs.  Additionally, punitive damages could

Under Paid Employees Part of Nursing Home Injuries and Falls Challenge

Under-paid employees play a significant role in the number of nursing home injuries and falls each year in California.  CDC statistics show hazardous levels of risk in California retirement homes.  Recently, a CDC study noted that for every 100 beds in nursing homes and assisted care facilities, there were 100 to 200 falls each and every year.  That’s 1 to 2 falls per bed per year.  The risk of serious injury and fatal injury is much higher in senior citizens, as 20% of accidental deaths each year in this age group are attributed to falls in nursing homes.  According to the CDC the average number of falls per year is 2.6 per person.  Most of these injuries are to patients who are unable to walk freely on their own. Recent headlines about local nursing home employees joining fast food employees asking for higher minimum wages brings this issue into specific

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Orange County

A recent story of a facility owned by corporate parent company covenant care exposed two specific lawsuits against one of the largest local nursing homes, and multiple stories of nursing home abuse and neglect.  The stories are maddening.  We place our seniors in the care of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities expecting them to receive proper care and good treatment.  We expect them to receive at least the minimum care mandated by California law, and that their needs are provided for. We do not expect them to develop bed sores, experience injuries due to a fall, or to face over-medication in an attempt to make them more compliant requiring less attention throughout the day.  All of these are signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, and there is something that your family can do about this. My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have more than 40 years of

Largest Nursing Home in California Faces a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The largest nursing home in California faces a wrongful death lawsuit.  Centinela West, the largest owner of nursing homes in California has faced several allegations of injuries resulting from falls, neglect, and abuse in the past.  A recent lawsuit adds “wrongful death” to the list of allegations against the 81 nursing home group.  The most recent lawsuit was brought by the family of a woman how had only been in the care of the nursing home for five weeks.  She arrived at a local hospital with advanced pneumonia, dehydration and other signs of neglect.  The doctors at the hospital were unable to save her life, and communicated their concerns to the family.  The family appropriately filed a wrongful death action against the nursing home and the ownership group. Centinela West has long been on California state agency watch lists, as reports of elder abuse, neglect, injuries and other wrongful deaths

Slip and Fall Negligence Elder Abuses Cases

One of the most common types of elder abuse claims stem from a slip and fall negligence at a nursing home resulting in injury.  Unfortunately, many elderly residents of nursing homes are high fall risks, and require extensive assistance with their mobility and activities of daily living. Without proper supervision, these elderly residents are at a high risk to fall and injure themselves. If a nursing facility has not properly assessed a resident’s fall risk, or taken the proper precautions to prevent a resident from injuring themselves from a fall, there may be liability on the nursing home for elder abuse, and for the resident’s injuries. Some verdicts and settlements from some recent cases shed some light into these types of claims. In a recent 2015 case, a plaintiff sued Grandview Palms Nursing facility. She had suffered 16 falls at the facility, without any changes in her patient intervention plans,

Dehydration in a Nursing Home is Abuse

Dehydration in a nursing home is abuse and you need to know what signs to look for.  Simply stated, dehydration is simply an excessive loss of water.  This condition affects all of the body’s organs and systems and can become life threatening.  Dehydration is one of the most common forms of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted care facilities in California.  What are some of the symptoms that might suggest your loved one is consistently not receiving enough water? Some symptoms of dehydration are fairly obvious – a dry mouth, a sensation of thirst and reduced urinary output.  Dehydration also leads to: Sunken Eyes Low Blood Pressure Dry Skin Confusion High Respiration Fits of Delerium If dehydration is due to patient neglect, it is very likely that the patient is also not receiving enough food and medication.  Malnutrition and dehydration are a deadly combination and can lead to

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Nursing Home and Elder Abuse in the City of Anaheim

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