Dehydration in a Nursing Home is Abuse

Dehydration in a nursing home is abuse and you need to know what signs to look for.  Simply stated, dehydration is simply an excessive loss of water.  This condition affects all of the body’s organs and systems and can become life threatening.  Dehydration is one of the most common forms of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted care facilities in California.  What are some of the symptoms that might suggest your loved one is consistently not receiving enough water?

Some symptoms of dehydration are fairly obvious – a dry mouth, a sensation of thirst and reduced urinary output.  Dehydration also leads to:

  • Sunken Eyes
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Dry Skin
  • Confusion
  • High Respiration
  • Fits of Delerium

If dehydration is due to patient neglect, it is very likely that the patient is also not receiving enough food and medication.  Malnutrition and dehydration are a deadly combination and can lead to serious complications.  Seizures that involve muscles cramping and unconsciousness can rock the patient.  Eventually the kidneys may begin to fail and toxic wastes are not removed from the patient’s blood.

My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of injury experience and nursing home injury cases I can tell you that under-staffing is a common problem facing many nursing home and assisted care facilities here in Orange County, Riverside County and the greater Los Angeles area.  There should be logs of care that regularly document patient care – ask to see them.

If there have been other changes in routine, such as a recent increase in sedative medications this may be a harsh warning sign.  Patients are often over-medicated to make the patients more compliant and less able to demand care and stand up for themselves.  The lack of care and dehydration in a nursing home is abuse and you need to protect your loved one.

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