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Mission Viejo Irvine Nursing Home Slip and Fall Injury AttorneyA Mission Viejo, Irvine, Anaheim or Orange County nursing home should be a safe place for the care of our elderly family members, yet thousands of senior citizens suffer nursing home slip and fall injuries or injury in convalescent centers and senior care facilities each year.

The Center for Disease Control reports that almost 2,000 families lose a parent or grandparent due to a wrongful death at these centers each year. California law clearly establishes a high standard of care requiring specific staffing to ensure appropriate ratios of medical professionals to the patient load of a given floor or unit.

Nursing Home Injury Setllement

Yet, each day here in Orange County there are senior citizens who are not receiving the level of care expected by their families, and that neglect can result in a fall leading to serious injury and in some cases the loss of life.

As we age, we naturally lose some of our flexibility and mobility, as well as critical sight functions such as depth perception. The staff at the nursing home or care facility is expected to provide the type of care and attention that ensures that our parent or grandparent’s needs are met, and that they are safely conducted throughout their day. If attendants and medical professionals do not provide adequate or timely care, our senior citizens will exercise their independence and attempt to get out of bed to use the facilities or go for assistance. In this environment there are many hazards:

  • Slippery or uneven floors and unsecured mats or carpets
  • Medication or loss of eye sight and depth perception
  • Bed heights that are too high for safe entry and exit
  • Inappropriate use or neglect of restraints

Serious Injuries Result From Falls in Nursing Homes

Mission Viejo Nursing Home Injury AttorneyWhen a senior slips or falls serious injuries including broken bones, fractured hips and head trauma often result. It is normal for someone who is falling to put out their arms to break their fall, which results in broken wrists or fractures to the tibia or fibula. If they fall on their side the resulting fractured pelvis will make simple daily tasks painful and uncomfortable, impacting everything from their attitude to their quality of life.

The fact that a patient has fallen leads to serious questions and in most cases negligence and liability. My name is Rivers J. Morrell, III and I have served the families of injury victims in Orange County for more than 40 years. If your parent, grandparent or loved one has experienced a fall resulting in injury at a nursing home it is important to contact us immediately. We must act to preserve important evidence such as nursing and attendant records, staffing reports and timecards, maintenance records and witness statements.

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