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Below are articles recently written by Rivers J. Morrell III relating both to his areas of practice and general law.

Elder Abuse Case, Bates vs. Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

Under certain provisions of the law, located at Welfare and Institutions Code §15657 (often referred to as the Elder Protection Act), a prevailing party in an Elder Abuse case can recover attorney’s fees, and costs. A defendant, however, is not permitted to recover these under this Act.

Internet surfing while driving: a new problem in the United States

Many motorists are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving; however, drivers continue to engage in this dangerous practice. Various news sources have detailed the hazards associated with texting, eating or talking on the phone while driving. However, sources report that there is a new problem on the horizon—webbing.

California Supreme Court case addresses Liability of School District for Sexual Abuse/Misconduct Allegations

A recent California Supreme Court case addressed the liability of a school district for the sexual abuse/misconduct allegations against a school counselor in C.A. vs. Hart Union High School District. In this case the plaintiff/student alleged that the school district was liable for the conduct of the counselor.


Personal Injury Newsletter

A recent case addressed a part of the Restitution aspect of what is commonly referred to as the Victims’ Bill of Rights. One aspect of that addressed “restitution” to the victim. In general, it required that the court order that the criminal defendant provide monetary restitution to the victim

Surviving the Signed Releases and Waivers from Liability

Have you signed a Waiver or Release of Liability? What if you have an accident? Do you have legal recourse if there is gross negligence or code violations?




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