California residents: Hold property owners responsible for slip and fall accidents


Property owners have certain responsibilities to maintain safe conditions to ensure individuals are not harmed while visiting the property. These responsibilities can extend to both employers and owners of private residences.

Unfortunately, when proper care is not taken, people can sustain serious personal injuries as a result of dangerous conditions. According to experts in the medical field – an area that sees a large number of slip-and-fall accidents each year – property owners can take a few small steps to protect those on their property.

One step owners of businesses ought to consider is having open lines of communication with their employees. Often, an employee will be the first person to become aware of a potentially dangerous situation. If the employee knows to report hazardous conditions, the employer can then take appropriate action to remedy the problem.

It is also a good idea for someone to regularly walk through the property with the specific purpose of identifying potentially dangerous situations. Business owners and other property owners can benefit from ensuring someone is staying vigilant about maintaining safe conditions on the property.

What is a dangerous situation or hazard?

In order to determine whether a person has been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, it may help to be aware of common hazards that can exist.

These hazards include:

  • Spilled liquids
  • Broken posts
  • Lack of safety rails on steps and stairs
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Lack of security personnel
  • Failure to secure swimming pool areas with gates and covers

Once a property or business owner is aware of an existing hazard, he or she should make every effort to protect people from injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents. For instance, a store should have a warning sign to alert people to a spill or slippery floor. In addition, caution tape can section off a portion of a parking lot that has sustained damage until a repair is made.

Determining liability

When a slip-and-fall accident occurs, it is important to determine whether the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. For instance, if the owner had received previous complaints about potholes in the parking lot, it is probably safe to say that the owner was aware of the hazard.

A slip-and-fall victim should consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the case and find out if the property owner could be held liable for any injuries sustained in the fall.

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