Property Negligence And Injury Claims

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe and clear of dangerous conditions. This responsibility applies not only to buildings and other structures on the property, but also to the land itself, including sidewalks and parking lots. When a property owner is negligent in maintaining his or her property, slips-and-falls and other types of accidents can occur, often leaving victims with serious and painful injuries.

At the Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell, III, our Orange County lawyer has extensive experience representing accident victims in personal injury claims. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve while holding negligent property owners accountable for their actions.

When Is A Property Owner Negligent?

A property owner has a duty to take care of dangerous property conditions if he or she knew or should have known that a hazardous condition was present on the property. In other words, a property owner cannot simply ignore or refuse to look at a potentially dangerous condition. If he or she should have known that the condition existed, such as an icy sidewalk, he or she may be liable for any injuries that resulted from the dangerous condition.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a slip-and-fall on another person’s property, whether due to wet or slippery flooring, lack of a stairway handrail, torn or uneven carpeting, uneven or broken pavement, or as the result of another dangerous property condition, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our attorney will thoroughly review your case, and we will work hard to help you recover the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

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