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Slip and Fall Premises Liability AttorneyThere are many cases of injuries received in a major retailer or grocery store.  The question is whether the injury received at the retailer or local, regional and national grocery store rises to the level of what is legally termed “premises liability.”

California is known for laws that often favor the retailer, but there are still valid injuries to customers and the store is legally liable for your medical costs, lost wages, future expenses related to your injury as well as the suffering and pain you have been forced to endure.  What types of injuries rise to the level of premises liability?

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Stores are required to maintain a level of diligence when it comes to the stock on their shelves, the aisles in their store and the maintenance of their facilities.  If something falls off of the shelf and breaks, and someone immediately slips there is usually no liability for the retailer.  But if they fail to clean up or attend to that issue for a period of time, and this results in an injury to one of their customers they may very well be liable.

In the more than 40 years of my experience as an injury attorney I have had cases where my clients have been injured by malfunctioning doors, and have fought for clients with injuries received in a major retailer or grocery store in injury cases when the store said there was no liability. For example, in one of our cases store video (almost all retail establishments now have video) showed the item had been knocked off a shelf by a child just minutes before our client slipped and shattered her knee.

The store claimed the video proved they had no liability.  We went to work, interviewing employees and obtaining documentation that proved the employees had not been down that aisle or neighboring aisles for over two hours.  They had not maintained the required logs of cleaning and monitoring required, and as a result we were able to achieve a substantial victory for our client.

Injuries Received in a Major Retailer or Grocery Store

Grocery Slip and Fall injury Orange County CAIt may seem obvious that you have a valid injury claim if merchandise falls from a shelf and strikes you causing injuries, or when a door malfunctions and breaks your shoulder and collar bone. But many injuries are the result of poor performance in areas such as keeping the facilities clean and free of hazards.

Retail stores and public businesses are required to keep detailed records of everything from “sweep sheets” that document regular checks of the store and its facilities to documentation of rest room cleaning and mopping of aisles and main traffic patterns.

If you slip and fall or have any other experience in a business which results in injury you may have a valid premises liability injury claim.

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