What can California truck accident victims learn from a recent celebrity accident involving serious injury?  Tracy Morgan’s car accident is receiving a lot of publicity, and for good reason. A repeated theme throughout media coverage is whether or not the truck driver allegedly responsible for the crash was driving while drowsy. Driving on a lack of sleep is a problem throughout the country, including here in California. As a result, residents of California injured in similar truck accidents can learn quite a bit from the details of this tragic crash.

Details of Morgan’s crash

In this particular case, Morgan and his entourage were reportedly returning from finishing a comedy show when his limo bus was struck while traveling through New Jersey. Morgan’s vehicle slowed due to traffic congestion. The semi-truck behind his vehicle did not slow and rear-ended the bus, causing it to roll. The comedian, of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live fame, is currently being treated for injuries and is listed in critical condition. Another passenger in the vehicle with Morgan was killed and two additional passengers were injured.

Multiple reports by CNN note that the criminal complaint against the truck driver states that he had been awake for over 24 hours at the time of the crash. This claim has led to allegations of violations of federal regulations, fueling an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. The agency will reportedly review details of the accident, looking over the drivers’ activities including his log and fuel receipts to determine if he was in violation of federal hours of service requirements.

What victims of California truck accidents can learn from this crash

The truck driver is charged with a variety of crimes for potentially violating federal regulations. In addition to falling under federal regulations, trucks that deliver goods within California are also held to similar hours of service standards under state law. As a result, those who are injured in truck accidents could find themselves in a similar situation – reviewing whether or not the driver violated federal or state laws and whether or not these violations contributed to the accident.

This is just one of the potential issues that can arise and require review during a truck accident case. As a result, those who are injured in similar accidents should contact an experienced California truck accident attorney. This legal professional will review the details of the case and work to better protect the victim’s legal rights and any potential for remedies. These remedies could help truck accident victims to recover the cost of medical and rehabilitative expenses as well as other costs connected to the accident.

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