What damages are available in a wrongful death lawsuit? |

What damages are available in a wrongful death lawsuit?

If a loved one has been taken from you in a tragic accident, there is nothing that will fill the void. You can at least get help with expenses and obtain some measure of justice, however.

Imagine two kids are playing on the beach. They are building a sandcastle, the waves crashing nearby. Their mother is sitting in a lounge chair a short distance away, reading the latest bestseller. Suddenly, one of the children cries out in surprise. She’s found a lamp!

“It must be a magic lamp,” the other child says. “Rub the lamp three times and see if a genie comes out!” The other child rubs the lamp and sure enough, a genie pops out.

“Kids, this is your lucky day!” says the Genie. “Because you found me, I’m going to give you $10 million dollars!” The genie suddenly grows serious. “But there is one condition. Do you see your mother over there, reading her book? If you take this money, you can never see her again.”

Do you think the children would take the money? Would you?

Damages in a wrongful death suit

The point of the story, as you have likely guessed, is that there is no price tag on a human life. Every life is precious, and when it is your spouse, a parent, or one of your children you will never see again, there is no amount of money you wouldn’t pay to be able to have them healthy and happy beside you.

Unfortunately that is not an option. But there are very real and measurable financial costs that can affect you when a loved one has needlessly died because of a wrongful act or preventable accident. Such financial matters are the last thing you need to worry about during a difficult time. You need to focus on your family’s well-being, not how to pay for daily living expenses, funeral costs, and medical bills.

Through a personal injury lawsuit, you can receive help by obtaining recovery for:

•· Economic damages, such as the loss of income and financial support the decedent would have contributed to the household.

•· Non-economic damages, including the loss of love and companionship provided by the decedent

•· Punitive damages, which are available in some cases to help deter future similar wrongful conduct that led to the accident or negligence.

A personal injury lawsuit is not just about money. It is about holding people and business entities accountable for their actions. A lawsuit is about getting help and closure in the wake of a tragedy. It is about preventing others from experiencing the same difficulties you have faced when a loved one needlessly dies.

If you have questions regarding your wrongful death claim, please contact our office. The Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell, III, is an experienced personal injury attorney who has helped many families recover after suffering a tragic accident.

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