Truck Accident Results in Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

Two families were in a mini-van heading south on Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles when they were involved in a minor accident with a BMW.  They pulled over to inspect the damage, and before they could get out of the vehicle a commercial truck plowed into the rear of the vehicle sending it over an embankment where it burst into flames.  The fathers escaped the vehicle and were working feverishly to get their wives and children out when police arrived.  The heat was too much, and unfortunately four people lost their life.  What happens when a truck accident results in a wrongful death in Los Angeles?

This case will require a skilled and experienced injury attorney with extensive trial expertise.  The trucking company is assuredly insured by at least one policy if not multiple policies from larger insurance companies.  The attorneys for these insurance companies will likely attempt to argue that the minivan was sticking out into the path of the truck, who was under the speed limit and driving legally.

In California, these cases are known as wrongful death lawsuits because someone has wrongfully lost their life due to the negligence of another person.  The truck driver should not have hit their vehicle – even if it was partially extended into a traffic lane.  While the accident occurred in the middle of the night, all drivers should be acutely aware of their circumstances, especially at night.  The loss of two mothers and two children is a devastating loss to these families, and they deserve the support and services of an attorney who will aggressively protect their interests and hold those responsible financially accountable for their loss.

What happens when a truck accident results in a wrongful death in Los Angeles?  In this case, I expect a major legal battle.  My thoughts are with the two husbands who survived the accident and the extended families of the victims.

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