Nursing Home Injury or Neglect in Anaheim Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit

Nursing Home Injury or Neglect in Anaheim

Nursing home injury or neglect in Anaheim is a civil code violation, and the family of a neglected senior can hold the healthcare facility accountable through a civil lawsuit.  There are several important signs that your beloved parent, grandparent or family member is being neglected by nursing home staff including:

Overmedication – Watch for changes in medication that sedate the patient or make them less “present” of focused.  Over-medication is often used to allow nursing home facility staff to neglect their responsibility to care for the patient, and stretch times between visits to a patient’s room

Dehydration – neglect of simple care such as water and hydration through fluids is another primary symptom of neglect.  Signs of dehydration in a senior citizen include dryness of mouth and thick saliva, headaches, cramping,  dark or deep yellow urine or inability to urinate.  Severe dehydration is characterized by dry and sunken eyes with little or no tearing, severe cramping, convulsions, low blood pressure, rapid but weak pulse and a more rapid breathing pattern.

Other signs of neglect include bruising or lacerations – especially around the wrists, waist or ankles due to restraints.  Patients are often restrained to prevent them from getting out of bed on their own to use the rest room when neglect is occurring.  When they are forced to get out of bed unattended, senior patients and those who are residents of a nursing home or extended care facility will often fall resulting in serious injury including broken hips and head trauma.

My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience as an injury attorney I can tell you that the indignation of a family whose loved one has suffered nursing home injury or neglect in Anaheim or Orange County cannot be understated.  Rightfully so.  California has strict laws regarding staffing and care for our seniors, and my law firm will hold the facility accountable for the neglect of your loved one, or any injuries they may receive due a drop or neglect.  If your family member was injured or is a victim of nursing home neglect in Anaheim or anywhere in Orange County, Los Angeles or the Inland Empire I invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call 949-305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free consultation.  There is no cost to you out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.

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