Slip and Fall Injury Due to Negligence at a Nursing Home

Slip and Fall Injury Due to Negligence at a Nursing Home

Have you or someone you love been suffered a slip and fall injury due to negligence at an Anaheim, Orange County, LA or Inland Empire nursing home or assisted living facility?  One of the most common types of nursing home abuse claims stem from a slip and fall negligence at a nursing home that results in injuries.  

Unfortunately, many elderly residents of nursing homes represent high fall risks and require extensive assistance with their mobility and activities of daily living. Without proper supervision, these elderly residents are at a high risk to fall and injure themselves. If a nursing facility has not properly assessed a resident’s fall risk or taken the proper precautions to prevent a resident from injuring themselves from a fall, there is very likely to be extensive liability for the nursing home as a result of personal injury, elder abuse, and your loved one’s suffering.

Some verdicts and settlements from some recent cases shed some light into these types of claims. In a recent case, a plaintiff sued Grandview Palms Nursing facility. She had suffered 16 falls at the facility without any changes in her patient intervention plans. This resulted in her suffering multiple falls from the same causes. The plaintiff’s last fall resulted in a fractured hip. The plaintiff was awarded a verdict of $5,452,864 against Defendant Grandview Palms Nursing facility.

In another recent case the plaintiff sued the Breakers of Long Beach facility for multiple ignored falls she suffered without any substantial changes made in her patient interventions. The repetitive falls got progressively worse, until the plaintiff eventually fell and sustained a fractured hip. The plaintiff received a verdict in the amount of $573,026 against the defendants in this matter.

The verdicts/settlements in cases involving slip and fall injury due to negligence at an Anaheim nursing home or Orange County, LA or Inland Empire assisted living facility can be quite high.  Our experienced attorneys not only seek the regular damages awarded in these cases, we are also able to seek attorney’s fees, punitive damages, and other costs.

If you believe a loved one is the victim of elder abuse or slip and fall negligence against a nursing facility or hospital we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as our successful verdicts and settlements and contact Rivers Morrell or call today to speak with us personally for a free, substantive consultation at (949) 305-1400Our experienced attorneys and staff will work diligently to protect our clients and ensure full and fair compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another.

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