Should You File a Civil Lawsuit for Hazing in California?

File a Civil Lawsuit for Hazing in California

Should you file a civil lawsuit for hazing in California?  Has your son or daughter suffered injury, sexual harassment or assault or lost their life in an induction ceremony or hazing associated with any sorority or fraternity, college, university or any private or parochial school in California? My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience as a trial attorney in civil lawsuits I can tell you it is absolutely appropriate to file a civil lawsuit if your dependent is the victim of hazing. Hazing is absolutely against the law here in California.  Those who are responsible for causing any injury, loss of life or sexual assault and battery will face misdemeanor or felony criminal charges based upon the severity of the hazing and the impact it had upon the victim.  The criminal charges associated with activities in a hazing case can result in prison time

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