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If You Are an Injured Passenger, Can you Sue the Driver of Your Vehicle for An Accident?

A recent case in the news told the story of the passenger who was badly injured as a result of a car accident where the driver of the car in which he was riding was found to be at fault.  The passenger sustained broken bones and head injuries due to the accident. The passenger was good friends with the driver, and was concerned with how to proceed with his claim for damages. Most people are unaware that an injured passenger can file a claim against the insurance policy of the driver of the vehicle, even if the passenger was travelling in the car of the party who was responsible for the accident.  Most passengers in a car are well acquainted with the driver, as they are usually either family or a friend.   Injured passengers may be uncomfortable or hesitant to file a claim against the driver.  However, the injured passenger must understand that they are filing a claim against the insurance of

What If The Person Who Caused Your Injury Accident is at Work?

What if the Person Who Caused Your Injury Accident is at Work? Is there any employer liability in injury accidents when their employees are in the midst of their business day?  Yes, absolutely, an employer carries responsibility and legal liability for their employees who are “at work”, and in many cases commuting to or from work.  These cases require an experienced and seasoned attorney who has the expertise and trial experience to identify liable parties and hold them financially accountable for your injuries. If the person who caused your injury accident is at work as a delivery driver or commercial truck driver, we will be able to obtain cell phone records to see if they were distracted at the time of the accident.  In many cases, drivers are being pressured to increase the speed of their work and the timely delivery of products to corporate customers.  This creates a risk

Have You Sustained a Neck Injury as a Result of an Irvine Car Accident

Have you been injured due to an Irvine car accident that has caused you to sustain an injury to your neck? One of the most frequent injuries sustained in rear end car accidents are neck injuries to their cervical spine. Medically speaking, the human spine consists of three regions which include the cervical spine (upper), thoracic spine (mid), and lumbar spine (lower).  Rear-end type car accidents often result in whiplash type injuries that cause pain to the cervical spine/neck region. Injuries can vary from moderate to light stiffness and soreness, to severe nerve damage and/or herniations and pain. Neck injuries can cause significant health issues, long lasting effects, and pain. Mild neck injuries are typically identified as sprains and strains.  Higher impact collisions in accidents can lead to more serious neck injuries such as disc herniations which can affect nerve feeling and function. Anytime that you feel numbness or tingling

Have You Sustained a Neck Injury as a Result of an Orange County Car Accident?

Have you been involved in a recent car accident in Orange County that has caused you to sustain a neck injury or damage to the ligaments? One of the most common that come as a result of rear end car accidents are injuries to the neck and spine. The human spine is compromised of three segments that are all connected to form the spine. They include the: lumbar (lower), thoracic (mid/upper), and cervical (upper/neck) spine. Neck injuries can have a very severe impact on your daily life because movement in the neck is involved in almost all daily activities. The most common neck injuries that can occur are typical sprains and strains. These are what are commonly known as “whiplash” type injuries that can be very troublesome and require physical therapy and chiropractic treatment to heal. Higher impact rear end accidents may cause more severe neck injuries such as disc herniations

Serious Back Injuries as a Result of Car Accidents

Have you been involved in a car accident that has caused back injuries or damage to your vertebrae or discs? If left untreated, serious back injuries can have lifelong effects, and may even lead to conditions such as paralysis and death. The spine is divided into three segments: the lumbar (lower), thoracic (mid/upper), and cervical (upper/neck) regions. A serious car accident can cause damage to one or all of these segments in the back, causing substantial pain and complications. Typical back injuries can include sprain/strains. These will cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Moderate sprains/strains can be treated through physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Sometimes, these types of injuries may resolve on their own over time. However, more serious injuries to the back can include herniations and bulging discs. These types of injuries can be more serious and affect the nerves in the spine. Some tell-tale signs that

Back and Neck Injuries from a Car Accident Can Cause Numbness and Tingling

Common complaints following a motor vehicle accident can include neck and back stiffness and pain. However, more severe back and neck injuries from a car accident can cause additional symptoms such as numbness in the extremities or a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. These types of injuries can affect the central nervous system. Many people that suffer from these types of complaints are unaware that they can be a sign for more serious injuries that may require additional treatment such as surgery. The tingling and numbness sensation in the extremities can occur when the back and neck is injured and the vertebral discs are pushed into the nerves in the spinal column.  This is typically referred to as a “pinched nerve” or can also be referred to as a “herniated disc”.  Medical speaking, it can be referred to as nerve compression syndrome or compression neuropathy, when there is direct

Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident can have a substantial impact on your life or the life of a loved one.  In some cases the injury is immediate, obvious and serious.  In others, the injuries may not be as severe and symptoms which are quite subtle can take months to become evident.  Brain injuries are usually classified by memory loss and the loss of consciousness.  If the confusion and disorientation associated with brain injury or a short loss of consciousness which lasts less than 30 minutes the injury is usually classified as “mild.”  In these cases an MRI or CAT Scan may even appear normal during an initial exam. Mild brain injuries often result in headaches and the loss of your ability to focus for weeks after the accident.  Over time, spouses and family members may notice a change in the personality of a head injury victim.  Someone who used

If You Are Injured in a Mission Viejo Accident

If you are injured in a Mission Viejo accident you need an experienced and proven Mission Viejo personal injury attorney for sound advice, counsel and representation.  Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience representing those who are injured due to the negligence of another.  From his office in Mission Viejo, Rivers Morrell works to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.  Not all injury attorneys have equal skill or can obtain the same outcome in your case.  One of the first questions you should have for any injury lawyer is “how many cases have you tried to a successful verdict?”  “What?” you may ask.  “Doesn’t every attorney take cases to trial?”  No, the fact is most don’t have the proven trial experience necessary to hold the insurance company accountable for the maximum fair compensation due to an injury victim under the law. Insurance companies are at greatest

Rib Injuries in a Car Accident Can Be Quite Serious

Rib injuries in an a car accident can be quite serious and fractured ribs are one of the most common injuries in car accidents across the United States and here in Southern California.  The severe forces associated with a car accident can drive the rib cage into a dashboard, steering column or other components within the vehicle.   Rib injuries have even been due to issues associated with a seat belt or air bag deployment.  Rib injuries on their own are painful enough.  However if a rib is severely fractured it can sever crucial arteries or puncture interior organs resulting in serious injury and a risk to the life of the injured victim. If multiple ribs are broken the resulting injury could result in a “flail chest.”  A flail chest is a serious injury which reduces the space in the chest for lungs and other vital organs.  This condition can make
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