Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most common type of personal injury cases are tripping or slip and fall accidents. These types of incidents can occur inside of a store, at a neighbor’s house, or on a public sidewalk. People fall and slip all the time; however, few times will their injuries be substantial enough to justify pursue a legal claim for their injuries. Typically, it will only be worthwhile to file a lawsuit and pursue legal options if you have sustained a serious injury. Most people that are injured badly from slip and fall accidents already have pre-existing weakened conditions to make them more susceptible to becoming injured. One of the most contentious parts of a slip and fall accident concerns liability. In order to be successful in a slip/trip and fall case, two major things need to be proven. The first thing is that you will need to prove that a

Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Irvine

Are you searching for a highly recommended and proven premises liability injury attorney in Irvine who represents those injured in a business or store in Orange County and Los Angeles?  Have you been injured while visiting a major retailer or commercial property and wish to learn more about how to hold the property owner financially accountable for your medical bills and associated expenses? Premises liability is the legal term in California for the responsibility of a property owner to keep their business or publicly accessible place safe for the visitors who frequent it.  Retail stores and all businesses are required to regularly monitor, inspect, clean and otherwise keep safe any area which is accessible to the public.  For instance, if a glass jar of pickles fell off of a shelf and broke upon the floor leaving a puddle of juice and 30 seconds later someone fell on the slippery floor

Slip and Fall Injury Attorney Serving Mission Viejo

Are you searching for an experienced slip and fall injury attorney serving Mission Viejo Irvine and Orange County?  Slip and fall injury cases known technically as premises liability cases under California law can be quite complex.  The law provides property owners with many protections which can make your injury case more challenging.  However, my Law Firm has had tremendous success proving actual negligence on the part of the property owner to ensure our clients recover the maximum possible amount for the injuries they receive while visiting a store, business or public property as well as the impact these injuries will have upon their lives. There are ways to prove a store is liable.  Businesses are required to regularly inspect their premises and facilities and keep a log of these inspections.  Most commercial locations have installed cameras which are used to deter shoplifting and provide video evidence in the event of

Types of Premises Liability Cases

What are the types of premises liability cases which have legal merit?  What is a slip and fall and how can we represent you to hold those responsible financially accountable? Premises liability is a sub-set of personal injury cases which involve those who suffer preventable injuries at a commercial business or residential property.  California law requires business owners and those who own and manage publicly accessible residential property such as apartments or nursing homes to keep their property free from the types of hazards which could cause injury for their customers or guests. In strong premises liability cases the business owner or property manager failed to prevent or remedy hazards they were aware of or should have been aware of.   For example, if a product falls off of a store’s shelf and strikes a child in the head it is considered to be a premises liability related personal injury case. 

Mission Viejo Premises Liability Lawyer with Proven Experience

Are you searching for a highly recommended Mission Viejo premises liability lawyer with proven experience and industry recognition?  Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience with injury claims resulting from premises liability and slip and fall accidents resulting in injury.  He is highly recommended by scores of satisfied clients and has received many of the most prestigious awards the legal industry has to give. Premises liability is the legal term for the responsibility of a store owner, business person, commercial property owner or management of public space to reduce and eliminate known hazards and to keep visitors safe from injury.  If you are injured in a retail store, grocery, casino, public building or even in a parking lot the owner or responsible agent for that property is not necessarily liable.  California law provides property owners with a reasonable time to become aware of a hazard and remedy it.

Get a Fair Settlement in Your Mission Viejo Slip and Fall Case

Are you looking to get a fair settlement in your Mission Viejo slip and fall case?  Are you searching for an experienced premises liability attorney with decades of experience? At the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell we are often asked about slip and fall cases.  How is a personal injury claim based upon a slip and fall case successfully completed? It is important to understand slip and fall cases require extensive experience and legal skill.  Our attorneys will prove: A dangerous and unattended condition caused your fall and resulting injury The owner of the property and responsible parties were aware of or should have been aware of the dangerous condition For example, you may walk into the grocery store on a rainy day and slip on some dampness on the floor near the door.  This probably won’t qualify as a valid slip and fall injury claim unless the store was

Can You Hold a Store Responsible for Injuries in a Slip and Fall

We are often asked “Can you hold a store responsible for injuries in a slip and fall case?” How do slip and fall or premises liability cases work? It is important to understand these cases are legally quite complex.  In order to successfully pursue a personal injury claim in a premises liability case we have to prove: A dangerous and unattended condition caused your injuries –  this is generally the easiest part of the case to prove.  An obstacle or foreign substance on the floor is generally a dangerous condition. The store knew about or should have known a dangerous condition existed, or was the source of the dangerous condition itself.  This condition can be more challenging for many personal injury attorneys – especially if they do not take their cases to trial. For example, if you are shopping within a grocery store, and you slip on some condiment which

What is a Commercial Property Owners Duty to Prevent a Slip and Fall Injury

What is a commercial property owners duty to prevent a slip and fall injury in a business, commercial or rental property?  Can you hold the owner of a business or commercial property financially accountable for your slip and fall injuries? Here in California, a commercial property owner is required by law to conduct reasonable, periodic inspections of their property to ensure the safety of all visitors.  In order to pursue a successful personal injury claim for a premises liability case (such as a slip and fall or injury when visiting a business or store) we must be able to establish: a. there was an issue on the premises which created the risk of harm or injury b. the commercial property owner knew about the issue, or should have been aware of it through the “exercise of reasonable care: c. the property owner failed to take action to protect others from

Just Compensation in Trip and Fall or Slip and Fall Injury Cases

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