Sixth Greyhound Bus Accident in 2 Years Not Due to Alcohol or Drugs

California highway patrol investigators have ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol for the driver of a Greyhound bus that crashed north of San Jose earlier this week, killing 2 and seriously injuring several others.  The fatal accident is the sixth accident involving a greyhound bus in 2 years, and the accident raises serious issues of liability for victims and their families.  The two women who lost their lives at the scene were ejected from the bus during the course of the accident.  Seven other passengers were sent to local area hospitals with serious injuries, though all are thankfully expected to survive. The driver of the Greyhound bus stopped 30 minutes before the accident for coffee and driver fatigue may be a principle cause of the accident.  After more than 40 years of service as an injury attorney in California, I can share that the wrongful death cases that

Truck Accidents Can Be Quite Legally Complex for Injury Victims

Truck accidents can present quite a legal challenge for injury victims, and it is important to seek the representation of an attorney with extensive trial experience and proven legal skill and expertise.  Commercial trucks often carry several layers of insurance.  These large insurance companies are represented by large legal staffs and adjusters who attempt every possible maneuver to reduce the exposure of their clients and the associated check they have to write to victims who are injured in a truck accident. Truck accidents involving a labeled company vehicle usually involve a policy on the truck itself, the driver, and separate liability umbrella policies for the company who owns or leases the vehicle.  There are many potential sources of recovery, and this is important to accident victims as the injuries received in a truck accident are usually quite severe, often leaving permanent disability requiring a “Life Care Plan.”  A Life Care

Ambulance and Van Collision at an Intersection Leaves 7 Injured

An ambulance and a van collided in a Fountain Valley intersection yesterday afternoon, leaving 7 injured – six of whom had to be transported to local Irvine hospitals.  A collision at an intersection often results in serious injuries due to the force of the vehicles and the manner in which they come into contact.  The van was travelling westbound and the ambulance was approaching from the north with its lights and siren on, when the vehicles collided in the intersection of Warner and Euclid. Five of the victims had been in the ambulance at the time of the accident, which wound up on its side after the impact.  Local police on the scene described the injuries as “moderate” and our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families as the details of the incident are sorted out. Many people assume the ambulance had the right of way based upon

Second Victim Dies in Fatal Anaheim Car Truck Accident

A second victim has passed away after a fatal Anaheim car truck accident Sunday.  The car, driven by one of the victims, allegedly ran a red light at an intersection and ran into a tanker truck.  A woman passenger in the front seat was pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver and another passenger were declared brain-dead after the accident, and now the driver has succumbed to his injuries.  This is a tragic accident, and while the driver of the car appears to have been at fault, the passengers in his car and their families may have a claim. In many cases, when the passengers are not a member of the driver’s immediate family they are able to substantiate a claim against the insurance of the driver to recover for a wrongful death or for the costs associated with injuries resulting from an accident.  The circumstances surrounding the accident are

Young Boy Suffers Fatal Injury in a Newport Beach Truck Accident

Tragedy occurred recently when a young boy suffers a fatal injury in a Newport Beach truck accident. The accident occurred in the afternoon on Wednesday May 25, near the intersection of 15th Street and Michael Place in Newport Beach. Apparently the boy was riding a bicycle at the time he was struck by the commercial trash truck, that is owned by CR&R, a Stanton company that contracts with the city for trash collection services. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, and have not yet determined how the accident has occurred. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the boy and the community in this senseless tragedy. Unfortunately, tragedies like this sometimes occur involving municipal or privately contracted companies that work for the city. Trash trucks, public buses, and street sweepers are examples of some vehicles that are city owned (or contract with the city) and

Truck Accident Results in Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

Two families were in a mini-van heading south on Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles when they were involved in a minor accident with a BMW.  They pulled over to inspect the damage, and before they could get out of the vehicle a commercial truck plowed into the rear of the vehicle sending it over an embankment where it burst into flames.  The fathers escaped the vehicle and were working feverishly to get their wives and children out when police arrived.  The heat was too much, and unfortunately four people lost their life.  What happens when a truck accident results in a wrongful death in Los Angeles? This case will require a skilled and experienced injury attorney with extensive trial expertise.  The trucking company is assuredly insured by at least one policy if not multiple policies from larger insurance companies.  The attorneys for these insurance companies will likely attempt to

Fed Ex Truck Crash in Los Alamitos Critically Injures 2

A Fed Ex truck crash in Los Alamitos in Orange County occurred at Katella Avenue and Winner’s Circle, critically injuring two people.  The two victims were in a Dodge Ram pickup truck that collided with a Fed Ex truck.  The two victims were critically injured and transported to UC Irvine Medical Center.  The crash remains under investigation. Motor vehicle accidents involving a commercial truck require a seasoned injury attorney with extensive trial expertise.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience in these cases I can tell you that commercial trucking companies like Fed Ex usually carry several layers of insurance backed by attorneys with substantial law firms.  There may be several different sources of recovery in commercial truck accident cases and the losses suffered by those with critical injuries can easily approach 7 figures (more than $1 million).  Critical injuries often result in permanent injuries

Fatal Truck Accident in Northridge Resulted in a Wrongful Death

A fatal truck accident in Northridge resulted in a wrongful death recently when a car attempting to pass struck a commercial vehicle which was parked in the median.  The accident with the truck resulted in the death of the driver of the smaller vehicle and serious injuries to the passenger.  This case will be legally quite complex.  The accident happened before 6:30 in the morning as the car attempted to pass another vehicle using the center median lane.  The question is whether the actions of the driver of the small car contributed to the accident and whether the commercial big rig parked in the median should have been there in the first place. Truck companies and their vehicles are usually heavily insured, and the insurance companies are represented by legal firms with extensive expertise and unlimited resources.  They will dispute that the fatal truck accident in Northridge resulted in a

Truck Accident on the I-5 in Los Angeles Results in Injuries

A truck accident on the I-5 in Los Angeles has resulted in serious injuries as the contents of the big rig were scattered across the freeway.  A truck accident in Los Angeles requires an experienced and proven attorney with the legal skill and trial expertise required to hold the trucking company and all associated parties and their insurance companies financially responsible for what has happened.  Los Angeles truck accidents often result in serious injuries which will have a permanent impact on your quality of life long after the accident.  These cases are quite legally complex and as a Los Angeles personal injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience I can tell you it is important to carefully select your injury attorney. There may be several different layers of responsibility and ownership associated with the truck which caused the accident.  The truck may be owned by one company, leased

Truck Accident Injury Claims are Legally Complex

Truck accident injury claims are legally complex in California.  They require an attorney with extensive experience, trial skill and the resources to stand up to insurance companies and their teams of attorneys.   Commercial truck drivers, the vehicles themselves and the companies which employ the driver and own the truck carry multiple layers of insurance.  These commercial insurance companies are represented by experienced insurance adjusters backed by large legal teams who who work aggressively to reduce the exposure of their clients and the amount they must offer you to settle a truck accident and injury related claim. Truck accidents involving a well known company usually involve a policy on the truck itself and the driver, as well as separate liability umbrella policies for the company who owns or leases the truck.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have more than 40 years of experience in truck accident and injury cases. 
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