Truck Accident Blocks I-5 Near Commerce

Truck Accident Blocks I-5 Near Commerce

A truck accident blocks I-5 near Commerce earlier this morning.  A semi-truck lost control of his vehicle contacting the center dividing and ultimately rolling over to block southbound I-5.  The driver of the truck was initially trapped in the vehicle before being freed from the wreckage.  There was no explanation of why the truck driver lost control of his truck, however traffic is fairly light in this section of I-5 at 5:15 am and it is likely the driver may have become distracted by his cell phone or simply lost focus due to fatigue.

While the truck accident tied up many lanes of I-5 it is fortunate there were no serious injuries or loss of life.  The weight and momentum of a large truck or commercial vehicle is no match for that of any car or even a pickup truck.  These accidents often occur at speed here in Orange County and across Los Angeles resulting in serious injuries to occupants of the vehicles with whom these trucks share the road.

My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience in OC and LA truck accidents I can tell you truck accident injury cases are quite legally complex.  Trucks are often covered by multiple layers of insurance and each of theses insurance companies has extensive financial exposure after an injury accident.  Their representatives and adjusters are highly trained and skilled.  They have one responsibility: get you to accept far less than you deserve.

When a truck accident blocks I-5 near Commerce it is more than an inconvenience for the thousands of motorists who are impacted.  The severe head, neck and back injuries and loss of life caused by truck accidents leave permanent and often catastrophic consequences.

If you or someone you love has been injured or lost their life in a truck accident I invite you to review the recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact us or call 949-305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free consultation.  Learn how we can help to ensure you receive the maximum amount possible under California law.

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