Irvine Fatal Accident Involving DUI that Results in the Wrongful Death of the Passenger

Irvine Fatal Accident Involving DUI

Recently, Irvine fatal accident involving DUI resulted in the death of the passenger.  Does the family of the passenger have a legal case for wrongful death in California? In a word: absolutely.

The victim was fatally injured by the negligence of the driver who tested .17% in blood alcohol content (BAC) two hours after the accident. The legal limit is .08%, and significant enhancements are added to DUI’s in California when the BAC exceeds the .15% threshold.  The driver lost control of the vehicle on a canyon road, and the resulting accident unfortunately resulted in her loss.

My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience in fatal accidents I am still surprised by these types of events, and my thoughts are with the woman’s family.  Regardless of her relationship to the driver, as a passenger her family has a direct legal claim for wrongful death.

Cases like this Irvine fatal accident involving DUI can become quite legally complicated, and it will be important to preserve critical evidence and medical records in these cases.  Her brief survival after the accident will add to the intricacy of the case, and ultimately this additional trauma and suffering will have to be accounted for in the outcome of the case.

My long successful track record in trial and associated verdicts as well as my 20 years of experience representing the major insurance companies provides a competitive advantage for my clients in these cases.  Insurance companies know I am prepared to place the case before a jury, and will do everything possible to aggressively pursue my client’s interests.

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