When an Orange County Car Accident Injures a Pedestrian

When an Orange County Car Accident Injures a Pedestrian – Injury

What happens when an Orange County car accident injures a pedestrian.  Recently, a driver lost control of his vehicle,  crashed his car into the sidewalk and injured a pedestrian near a bench in the city of Orange here in Orange County California. The injured pedestrian was taken to a local area hospital for treatment for his injuries.

While drugs and alcohol are not suspected to have played a part in this accident, drunk driving is a leading cause of pedestrian and bicyclist related injuries in Orange County, LA and the Inland Empire. Distracted driving and cell phone use is unfortunately another common factor in pedestrian accidents resulting in injury.   Any accident between a motor vehicle or even an electric scooter and a pedestrian is likely to result in serious injuries which can often be life threatening.   

When an Orange County car accident injures a pedestrian or bicyclist the result is often very traumatic injuries including broken bones, head trauma and internal injuries. The sheer disparity in mass between a car or motor vehicle and a pedestrian is the reason for this. Injuries from car accidents can require significant medical treatment, care, and evaluation from the initial MRI, x-rays, and emergency room visit to follow-up procedures and surgeries.  It may be necessary to undergo extensive physical and/or occupational therapy.  Pedestrian injuries can often result in needed modifications to the home or motor vehicle(s) of the victim to accommodate what has happened.

When an LA, Inland Empire or Orange County car accident injures a pedestrian you need an experienced, proven personal injury attorney.  This is especially important if the accident involved an unidentified hit and run driver.  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as our successful verdicts and settlements and contact Rivers Morrell or call today to speak with Rivers personally for a free, substantive consultation at (949) 305-1400.

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