Bicyclist Injured or Fatally Injured in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire

Bicyclist Injured or Fatally Injured in Orange County LA Riverside

Who is financially responsible for any bicyclist injured or fatally injured in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire?  Recent statistics provided by the California Highway Patrol show an increase in the number of personal injury cases associated with those riding their bicycle throughout Southern California.  Even more concerning is the number of hit-and-run cases associated with bicyclists throughout the region.

The human body is obviously no match for the weight and forces associated with a moving motor vehicle. Bicyclists have the right of way in the vast majority of these cases and based upon California motor vehicle laws.  When a child or person riding their bike is hit by a car the driver of the car (and associated insurance coverage) is most certainly liable for the bike rider’s injuries. But who pays for injuries and other expenses associated with a hit and run accident?

It may surprise you to learn that injury victims of a hit and run accident can pursue financial recovery through their own auto insurance coverage.  There is a portion of your auto insurance coverage known as UM/UIM or Uninsured Motorist/Under-Insured Motorist.  If the person responsible for your injuries leaves the scene and cannot be identified the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell can provide insight into potential sources of recovery and ensure you receive full and fair compensation from all available sources.

There can be a variety of factors for any bicyclist injured or fatally injured in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire such as DUI, distracted driving and cell phone use, and failure to yield – especially when turning.  The number of bicyclists sharing the road with us here in Southern California continues to rise, and drivers need to remain alert for the presence of bicyclists and pedestrians.

The fatal injury or wrongful death of a bicyclist can be a legally and financially complex case.  While there is no financial amount that can offset the loss of a loved one, wrongful death personal injury cases provide the opportunity to protect the present and future needs of spouses, children and other dependents of someone who wrongfully loses their life in a fatal bicycle accident. 

If you or someone you love is a bicyclist injured or fatally injured in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as our successful verdicts and settlements and contact Rivers Morrell or call today to speak with Rivers personally for a free, substantive consultation at (949) 305-1400.

I have represented and protected injury victims and the families of those who suffer injury or are lost in wrongful death accidents in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire for more than 40 years.  I help to relieve the victim’s family from the burdens of communications with insurance representatives or the Court, so that the family can support one another, and work through what has happened as well as the grief associated with their loss.

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