Scarring that Results from Dog Bite Injuries in Irvine

Irvine dog bite cases will often involve severe scarring that requires extensive medical attention to treat across a period of years.  The nature of dog bite injuries results in skin...

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage for Dog Bites

Anyone who owns a dog should maximize renters or homeowner’s insurance coverage for dog bites.  Pet dogs can sometimes be unpredictable and unfortunately for many, they sometimes lash out and bite innocent victims. Dog bite injuries can require serious medical care and attention, and may even require you to miss time off work to rehabilitate and recuperate from injury. Luckily for victims of dog bites, in California most homeowners’ insurance policies will provide coverage for injuries sustained due to a dog bite. The injury does not even have to occur within the home that has coverage; typically, as long as the dog’s owner has homeowner’s insurance coverage, there will be coverage for these dog bites. If there is renters or homeowner’s insurance coverage for dog bites, you may get compensated for all damages you sustained as a result of being bitten and injured by the dog. This can include all

Strict Liability for Owners in Dog Bite Lawsuits

In California, if you have been attacked and bitten by another person’s dog, the dog’s owner is strictly liable for your injuries, and the financial damages caused as a result of the dog bite.  Strict liability means the dog’s owner cannot argue when you have been injured from being bitten by another person’s dog.   The dog’s owner cannot argue liability or “fault” for the incident, barring a few exceptions (such as if you intentionally provoke a dog). This is a very powerful tool to use in lawsuits, and provides our experienced attorneys the leverage necessary to achieve the best possible settlements for our dog bite clients. The statute for strict liability for a dog owner, as it relates to dog bites, was designed to prevent dogs from being a hazard to the community and to hold the dog owner responsible for the actions of their pet. It places the societal cost of dog bite injuries and damages on the

What to Do When Your Neighbor’s Dog Bites You or a Family Member

Many people are confronted with the dilemma of what to when they or their children are bitten by a neighbor’s dog and injured. Many people are hesitant to do anything because they are friendly and on good terms with their neighbors. They are concern that this will cause conflict with their neighbor. However, what you have to realize is that most homeowner’s insurance policies will provide coverage for injuries resulting from dog bites. Therefore, if your neighbor, the dog owner, has a homeowner’s insurance policy, you can simply make an insurance claim with their insurance for your injuries and damages. The first question that comes up when your neighbor’s dog bites a family member is whether you must file a lawsuit against your neighbor. In the technical sense, they may be the named defendant, as the owner of the dog. However, from a practical standpoint, their insurance will provide coverage for the

Dog Bite Statistics in Orange County and Across the US

Dog bite statistics in Orange County and across the US show the number of dog bites continues to increase, often resulting in injuries requiring medical treatment and plastic surgery.  Here in Orange County, we average 3 to 5 reported dog bites each and every day.  Many more go unreported according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  We have provided statistics that reflect a summary of dog bite information, as well as particular data for Orange County California documenting the number of bites each day, as well as bites reported by breed. If you are considering a new family pet, you may wish to review the information contained within our dog bite section to learn more about the types of breeds who are more likely to bite, and the types of injuries that result.  We have shared recommendations for how to treat a dog bite, however, it is always important

Who Pays for Dog Bite Injuries in Orange County CA?

Who pays for dog bite injuries in Orange County California?  Dog owners in California are strictly liable for their pets.  The primary source of recovery for dog bite injuries and associated financial damages such as medical bills is the dog owners renters or homeowners insurance.  The majority of dog bite injury victims know the owner of the dog who bit them quite well.  Often it is a family member, close friends or even a neighbor.  We file suit against the insurance company of the dog owner, but work to help preserve the relationship between the victims family and the dog owner. Dog bites are often serious injuries that result in tearing type wounds that don’t heal without leaving substantial scarring.  The majority of dog bite scars are in visible areas such as the face, neck, torso or limbs.  More than two thirds of dog bite injuries to children occur on the

Dog Bite and Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo – 40+ Years of Experience

Have you, your child or a family member suffered injuries from a dog attack in Mission Viejo?  Local attorney Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience as a Mission Viejo dog bite and injury attorney.  We invite you to visit the substantial information about dog bites and how these injuries are usually treated contained on our website.  You will find information about how to treat wounds immediately after a dog attack, the steps the treatment of dog bite injuries usually follows, as well as detailed information on the types of injuries you may be facing and the medical care you will require. Learn about the risk of infection and how to reduce its likelihood following a dog bite.  Dog bites tend to leave tearing injuries with irregular wounds that leave significant scarring.  These cases may require multiple plastic surgeries to repair, as well as emotional counseling following many attacks.  As

Scarring From Dog Bites Often Requires Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Scarring from dog bites often requires multiple plastic surgeries to correct or resolve.  This is one reason it is important not to settle a dog bite injury case involving scarring with an insurance adjuster before consulting with an experienced injury attorney.  The goal of an insurance adjuster is to settle your case as quickly as possible for the lowest possible dollar amount.  Dog bites often leave wounds that result in severe scarring resulting in long term medical treatment plans.  Initial insurance company offers will not reflect the actual costs you will bear over time, nor will they take into account the impact the attack has had upon the victim’s life. Dog bite injuries often result in damage to underlying tissue such as ligaments, tendons and nerves resulting in a loss in the range of motion in a finger, wrist, arm or leg.  Physical therapy over a period of months is often

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Attorney with 40+ Years of Experience

Mission Viejo is a master-planned community in south-eastern Orange County, and home to more than 100,000 people.  The quality of our residential communities, condos and rental properties offers some of the highest home values in the US.  As a result, homeowners and renters alike are required to carry substantial insurance to protect their assets and the liabilities associated with owning a dog.  In California, a dog owner is “strictly liable” for injuries caused by a dog bite or attack.  If you or a family member is injured by a dog you should seek a local Mission Viejo dog bite attorney with experience, trial skill and a track record of success in Mission Viejo dog bite cases. My name is Rivers Morrell, and my offices are conveniently located off of Crown Valley Parkway here in Mission Viejo.  I invite you to review the comments of our clients, and the recommendations of

Caring For Wounds After a Dog Bite

If you have suffered an injury from a dog bite resulting in puncture wounds or tearing injuries call 9-1-1 or seek immediate medical attention.  Many parents and loved ones want to know about caring for wounds after a dog bite.  The first priority when treating a dog bite at home is to wash the affected areas with warm soapy water to flush wounds and disinfect surrounding areas.  If bleeding persists use a sterile bandage or towel and apply pressure to the wound.  Elevate the arm, leg or injured area of the body. The old adage about the cleanliness of a dog’s mouth is simply untrue.  One of the greatest risks after a dog bite is infection.  Many infections can be quite serious, and left untreated a few canine infections can actually be fatal.  This is the reason for the warm soapy water rinse.  For scratches and abrasions apply a topical
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