What is a Public Entities Liability for a Poorly Designed Intersection

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Can You Hold a Public Transit Train Liable for Injuries or Wrongful Death in California?

The recent passenger train accident in India that resulted in the death of more than 34 passengers and injuries to hundreds raises a question I have often been asked in...

Holding a California Government or Public Entity Financially Accountable for Injury

California law allows its citizens to hold a California government or public entity financially accountable for injury. The first and most obvious source of exposure for public entities would be public transportation such as buses and trains. The Orange County Transportation Authority or OCTA operates the OCBus and the Metrolink train services. If you are injured in an accident caused by an OCTA bus or train, or the LA Metro or Amtrak my law firm can hold them financially accountable and provide the resources you need to recover from your injuries and move forward with your life. Another example is an accident caused by a municipal vehicle such as a police or sheriff’s cruiser, fire or emergency vehicle. Even if the siren is on, or if the police are involved in a high speed chase the municipality has a responsibility to protect citizens from exposure to risk, and that includes

California Cities Including Los Angeles Legally Responsible for a Dangerous Road Condition

Are California cities including Los Angeles legally responsible for a dangerous road condition?¬† A recent case in the California Supreme Court (Cordova vs. City of Los Angeles) addressed the liability of the City of Los Angeles¬†for the alleged dangerous condition of a road. In this case, there were 5 occupants/plaintiffs in a vehicle driving on the inside lane of Colorado Blvd. Colorado Blvd. has a median strip, with large, established Magnolia trees. Another vehicle side swiped the Plaintiffs’ vehicle. Both vehicles were exceeding the speed limit, although it was disputed as to their precise speeds. As a result of the side swipe, the Plaintiffs’ vehicle spun out, went into the center median, and hit a large tree. 4 of the passengers were killed, and the other passenger was seriously injured. The City of Los Angeles was sued on the premise that there was a dangerous condition, i.e. the trees were

Liability of a School for Sexual Abuse by Their Counselor

Have you been injured in an accident? Contact Orange County attorney Rivers J. Morrell at (949)305-1400 for a free consultation.

LA Sheriff Auto Accident Kills Pedestrian and Seriously Injures Another

Last week an LA County Sheriff patrol car in a high speed pursuit hit another vehicle, swerved off the road and hit two pedestrians, killing one and seriously injuring another. ...
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