Filing a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of a Child

Filing a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of a Child - Child Injury

What is the process for filing a personal injury claim on behalf of a child in Orange County, LA or the Inland Empire?  Nothing is more challenging for many parents to endure than the injury of their child.  Unfortunately, millions of children are injured in the US each year.  Many of these are simply normal accidents where no one is to blame.  However in examples such a dog bite, car accident or pedestrian injury the child’s injuries may be the result of someone else’s negligence.

The first and most obvious step after any motor vehicle accident or pedestrian injury is to have your child thoroughly examined by a physician within 24 to 48 hours of the accident, even if they seem uninjured.  There are many injuries in children (as well as adults) which can take weeks or even months to show any symptoms.  The failure to see a doctor can damage or eliminate altogether the option of filing a personal injury claim on behalf of your child.  The insurance company will claim “you didn’t even see a doctor so you obviously weren’t injured.  The child must’ve been hurt doing something else and now you’re just trying to use the accident to get paid.”

The next step is to contact an experienced a proven Orange County, LA and Inland Empire personal injury attorney at the Law Firm of Rivers J Morrell.  After more than 40 years of experience I work to ensure your family has the resources to cover all medical bills and expenses associated with your child’s injury.  We handle all of the legal and insurance related issues so that you can focus on being there for your child and to support them through physical and emotional recovery.

It is important to fully understand the process for filing a personal injury claim on behalf of a child.  It is important to know that any settlement or verdict associated with your child’s injury must provide for all past, present and future medical care as well as fair compensation for being forced to endure their injuries and the challenges of recovery.  Insurance adjusters may seem quite friendly, but they are not paid to take care of your family.  Their one and only job is to settle your child’s injury claim for the lowest possible amount to preserve retained profits for their insurance company.

You can entrust your child’s personal injury claim to the experienced, successful and proven personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell.  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as our successful verdicts and settlements and contact Rivers Morrell or call today to speak with Rivers personally for a free, substantive consultation at (949) 305-1400.   There is no cost to your family out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.

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