Have You Sustained a Neck Injury as a Result of a Motorcycle Accident?

Neck Injury as a Result of a Motorcycle Accident

Have you sustained a neck injury as a result of a motorcycle accident? One of the most common injuries which result in a motorcycle accident are injuries to the neck and spine. The human spine is compromised of three segments that are all connected to form the spine. They include the: lumbar (lower), thoracic (mid/upper), and cervical (upper/neck) spine. Neck injuries can have a very severe impact on your daily life because movement in the neck is involved in almost all daily activities. The most common neck injuries that can occur are typical sprains and strains. These are what are commonly known as “whiplash” type injuries that can be very troublesome and require physical therapy and chiropractic treatment to heal. Higher impact motorcycle accidents may cause more severe neck injuries such as disc herniations and displacements. A neck injury can take more time to fully heal, and may even require surgical procedures

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Who Pays for Injuries in a Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

Injuries in a pedestrian hit and run accident

Who pays for injuries in a pedestrian hit and run accident?  If you or someone you love is injured by a hit and run driver can you file a valid personal injury claim to seek compensation? Hit and run pedestrian accidents are unfortunately relatively very common here in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area.  It is enough of a shock to be involved in a pedestrian hit and run accident, and when the driver leaves the scene it adds immeasurable pain.  The victim and their family are left with many questions. The first question is often “Who in the world could hit another person and take off?”  One of the next questions you ask will be “Who pays for injuries in a pedestrian hit and run accident and how am I going to get through this?”  The financial recovery for injuries from a pedestrian hit and run accident

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Serious Back Injuries as a Result of a Car Accident

Serious Back Injuries as a Result of a Car Accident

Have you suffered serious back injuries as a result of a car accident or damage to your vertebrae or discs? If left untreated, serious back injuries can have lifelong effects, and may even lead to conditions such as paralysis and death. The spine is divided into three segments: the lumbar (lower), thoracic (mid/upper), and cervical (upper/neck) regions. A serious car accident can cause damage to one or all of these segments in the back, causing substantial pain and complications. Typical back injuries can include sprain/strains. These will cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Moderate sprains/strains can be treated through physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Sometimes, these types of injuries may resolve on their own over time. However, more serious injuries to the back can include herniations and bulging discs. These types of injuries can be more serious and affect the nerves in the spine. Some tell-tale signs that there

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When a Truck Accident Results in a Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

Truck Accident Results in a Wrongful Death

Two families were in a mini-van heading south on Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles when they were involved in a minor accident with a BMW.  They pulled over to inspect the damage, and before they could get out of the vehicle a commercial truck plowed into the rear of the vehicle sending it over an embankment where it burst into flames.  The fathers escaped the vehicle and were working feverishly to get their wives and children out when police arrived.  The heat was too much, and unfortunately four people lost their life.  What happens when a truck accident results in a wrongful death in Los Angeles? This case will require a skilled and experienced injury attorney with extensive trial expertise.  The trucking company is assuredly insured by at least one policy if not multiple policies from larger insurance companies.  The attorneys for these insurance companies will likely attempt to

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Nursing Home Injury or Neglect in Anaheim Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit

Nursing Home Injury or Neglect in Anaheim

Nursing home injury or neglect in Anaheim is a civil code violation, and the family of a neglected senior can hold the healthcare facility accountable through a civil lawsuit.  There are several important signs that your beloved parent, grandparent or family member is being neglected by nursing home staff including: Overmedication – Watch for changes in medication that sedate the patient or make them less “present” of focused.  Over-medication is often used to allow nursing home facility staff to neglect their responsibility to care for the patient, and stretch times between visits to a patient’s room Dehydration – neglect of simple care such as water and hydration through fluids is another primary symptom of neglect.  Signs of dehydration in a senior citizen include dryness of mouth and thick saliva, headaches, cramping,  dark or deep yellow urine or inability to urinate.  Severe dehydration is characterized by dry and sunken eyes with

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A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Allows Your Family to Hold Parties Financially Accountable

a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit allows your family to hold parties financially accountable after a fatal accident.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience serving the families of those who are lost in fatal accidents, I can tell you that wrongful death lawsuits can be quite complex.  Its important to work with an attorney with proven legal and trial skills who can stand up to the major insurance carriers and commercial insurers and achieve the best possible result for the family of an accident victim. This is especially true in truck accident cases.  Commercial trucks are covered by multiple layers of insurance.  The company who owns and operates the truck itself carries insurance on the vehicle as well as a blanket liability policy that covers their company in general.  In some cases, the blanket policy is spread between multiple insurance companies, and the wrongful death

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Intimidation in an STD Transmission Case Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit

Intimidation in an STD Transmission

Intimidation in an STD transmission case is quite common, and there is no way you should have to tolerate it.  If you were given an STD by a partner who did not tell you they carried an STD prior to intimate contact you can hold them financially responsible.  In many cases, especially those where the person who transmits Herpes, HPV or HIV is famous, or a person of wealth or substance, subtle threats or intimidation are used in an attempt to keep you quiet. “It’s your word against mine.” “You can’t prove I’m the source.” “You’ve had other lovers, how can you prove it was me?” “I have the best lawyers money can buy….” Don’t listen to intimidation or threats if you have been given an STD without warning.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and for more than 40 years I have protected injury victims, including those who have received

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Hit and Run Accident Injury Victims Can Get a Financial Recovery

hit and run accident injury victims

Many hit and run accident injury victims wonder who is going to pay for their medical bills, lost wages and other expenses that result from their accident.  The primary source of recovery will always be the driver who caused the accident, but what happens when the police are unable to identify and charge that driver? Hit and run accident injury victims in California can turn to their own automobile insurance coverage to cover many expenses.  The Uninsured Motorist/Under-Insured Motorist (UM/UIM) portion of your automobile insurance covers you when you are injured in your vehicle, as well as those who are victims of hit and run accidents when on a skateboard or bicycle, or if they are struck as a pedestrian.  This is the reason we highly recommend that all Californians should maximize the UM/UIM coverage in their automobile insurance policy.  It is some of the least expensive and most valuable insurance

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Car Accident at an Intersection with Injuries in Anaheim or Southern California

car accident at an intersection with injuries

Anaheim has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle accidents in Orange County, and a car accident at an intersection with injuries is one of the most common.  Car accidents at intersections are often the result of drivers who are visiting the area and are unfamiliar with local traffic patterns.  They may be sight seeing and distracted by an Anaheim landmark when they run into the side of another car or truck.  Cars who are turning right on red often turn into the path of oncoming motorcyclists or bicyclists they do not see, resulting in serious injuries to the biker and any passenger who may be sharing a ride. When you are struck by another vehicle in the side, the forces can be quite severe on the human body, and serious injury is often the result.  If the hit comes on the driver’s side, the head of a driver

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HIV Transmission Without Advance Notice Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit in California

HIV Transmission Without Advance Notice and STD Transmission Lawyers Hold Partners Accountable

HIV transmission without advance notice is a civil code violation in California, and in almost every state here in the US.  If you contract HIV from a person of substance such as an actor or actress, TV personality, professional athlete, business owner or another person of substance or wealth you can hold them financially accountable.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have extensive experience in STD transmission cases such as HIV here in California.  After more than 40 years in practice I can tell you that these cases require extensive trial experience, deposition and negotiation skill and credibility.  It is absolutely possible to prove that you received HIV from a specific person, and hold them accountable for transmitting it to you without warning. When a person learns they have an STD such as HIV, it changes their entire outlook on life.  It is quite natural to experience a breadth of emotions

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