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LA STD LawyerIt is a civil code violation in California to knowingly expose an intimate partner to HIV or the AIDS virus without warning them in advance of contact that you are a carrier of a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and specifically HIV/AIDS. There have been several well documented cases in the news recently of Celebrities transmitting HIV / AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease, requiring extensive medical care and costly medication. Learning you were exposed to the disease and ultimately received it from a person of financial substance is a tremendous shock. If you received HIV AIDS from a person of financial substance without warning you should contact a Los Angeles HIV AIDS transmission attorney at the Law Offices of Rivers J. Morrell, III.


$10 Million STD Client PaymentMy name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of service as an injury attorney here in LA and Southern California I can tell you there is hope for those who receive an STD without warning such as HIV or AIDS from a person of financial means. I have helped many STD victims to hold the person who infected them financially accountable for transmitting diseases such as Herpes, HPV and HIV / AIDS. These cases do require the partner who transmitted HIV/AIDS to be financially substantive. This allows you to recover financially for all of the medical treatment you will require, the cost of medications as well as emotional counseling and the shock and fear you have been forced to endure.

Hear From Two Actual Clients About Their Journey Through STD Transmission

These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help:

Here in Los Angeles you may be exposed to HIV/AIDS by many people in positions of financial power including:
• Celebrities
• TV, Radio and Movie Personalities
• Professional Athletes
• Studio Executives
• Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers or Architects
• Business Owners
• Investment Bankers

If you have received HIV / AIDS from a person of substance in LA I will help you to hold them responsible and financially accountable.

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Don’t be Intimidated – You Can Prove a Specific Person Gave You HIV/AIDS

Unfortunately in STD transmission cases, the person who transmits the disease will attempt to convince you of many falsehoods including:

“You can’t prove I gave you HIV/AIDS”
“It’s your word against mine.”
They may also attempt to use intimidation, sometimes in a subtle manner and in some cases quite overtly:
“I have the best lawyers money can buy. You can’t do anything about it.”
“You got it from someone else you’re sleeping with.”

The source of an STD may be proven through many means including laboratory testing, age of infection and onset of symptoms, and medical records. We approach these cases systematically and firmly, but in a confidential manner. Your name will not be splashed across the news or the internet. In fact, we can file a lawsuit and not use your name at all.  We will work together to hold the person who is responsible financially accountable for what they have done.

Los Angeles HIV AIDS Transmission Attorney

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I know that you are probably still in a state of shock over what has happened. I know from working with several STD clients that you have been through rough days, and entertained some dark thoughts as you’ve contemplated what has happened. There is hope, and as an experienced Los Angeles HIV AIDS transmission attorney I’d like to help. I invite you to contact me, or call and speak with me personally for a free, confidential and private consultation at (949) 305-1400. Check out the strong recommendations of my STD clients, and learn about my previous success in these cases and all I can do to help you. Former clients describe it as “empowering” and “a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.” In our work together, we can hold a person of substance accountable for what they have done and ensure you have the resources necessary to fight HIV/AIDS and move forward positively with your life. There is no cost to you out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.

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