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Process of an LA STD Civil Lawsuit

As a Los Angeles STD transmission attorney with more than 40 years of experience, I can tell you it is absolutely possible to hold a person who is financially substantive accountable for transmitting an STD without warning.  How does an STD case work?  How do you protect the privacy of the parties while pursuing an STD civil lawsuit?  What hope is there for someone who has received an STD such as HIV/AIDS, Herpes or HPV?  Why is it important for the person who transmits the disease to have financial substance?


Lets begin with the last question first:

  1. Why is financial substance important in STD cases? A civil lawsuit is based upon financial “damages.”  If the person who transmitted the STD has no financial substance a lawsuit will not help as we cannot recover anything.  We are seeking to recover “damages” which includes the costs associated with medical treatment, prescription medications, ongoing medical care, support from an emotional counselor or a psychologist, the pain and anguish caused by the experience of contracting an STD and the impact that will have upon finding someone special as well as the victim’s quality of life.
  2. How does a Los Angeles STD transmission case work? We are not here to create a public spectacle, the person who transmits an STD without advance warning has violated California civil laws.  Based upon my 40+ years of experience the first step is to reach out to the source of the STD to discuss the case and their perspective on the events that have taken place.  When necessary, a lawsuit is filed using the name of “Jane Doe” or “John Doe” to protect the person who was given the STD.  The lawsuit opens the door to “discovery” which is a legal process designed to gather evidence and the testimony of important witnesses prior to trial.  If necessary, I will put the case before a judge and jury as I have taken dozens of personal injury cases to a successful jury verdict.  Most lawsuits are resolved through effective and leveraged negotiations, and STD civil lawsuits are usually resolved in this manner.
  3. How do you protect the privacy of the parties while filing an STD civil lawsuit? Whenever possible, we attempt to resolve these cases without the need to file a civil lawsuit.  If the opposing party is uncooperative or unreasonable, we file a lawsuit using “Jane Doe” or “John Doe” to protect our client’s privacy.  I invite you to review the comments of our STD clients regarding our discretion and the sensitivity with which we handle STD cases.
  4. What hope is there for someone who has received an STD such as HIV/AIDS, Herpes or HPV? It is possible to prove the source of the STD, and that the person knew they were a carrier and transmitted the disease to our client.    We may be able to tell how long a person has carried the STD, demonstrating that the transmitter of the disease has had the condition much longer than our client.  This, combined with medical records helps to document and provide evidence to support the chain of events – especially when they are claiming our client must have gotten the STD from another person.  We have enjoyed a high degree of success in these cases, and work diligently to protect our client’s interests while recovering the financial damages associated with their case.

$10 Million STD Client PaymentHear From Two Actual Clients About Their Journey Through STD Transmission

These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help:

Los Angeles STD Transmission Lawyer with 40+ Years of Experience

My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience as an injury attorney here in California and dozens of successful civil lawsuits and STD cases I can share that the process is almost always very private, resolved through effective leveraged negotiation.  There are cases, such as the Charlie Sheen situation that can become public, but most people with financial means have a life to protect and request discretion.  Our goal is to protect our clients and recover financial damages associated with the Los Angeles STD transmission, and the impact this will have upon our client’s lives.

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If you have received an STD such as HIV/AIDS, Herpes or HPV from a person of substance I invite you to review the comments of our STD clients and contact us or call (949) 305-1400 for a private, confidential and free consultation.  Our work together will provide the resources you will need to treat the STD and develop a new perspective on life moving forward.  I understand that things seem very heavy right now, and that you are experiencing many physical and emotional consequences.  Our clients will tell you that taking action helps to lift the burden from your shoulders, and ultimately provides the resources to empower you to move forward and enjoy your life.

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