Rear End Collisions Can Cause Serious Injuries

Rear End Collisions Can Cause Serious Injuries - Irvine Santa Ana

Rear end collisions can cause serious injuries to those in Irvine, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo and throughout Orange County California. Unfortunately, the use of cell phones and other distractions have increased the number of rear-end impacts over the past several years. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs are often involved in running into another driver from behind as well as intersection car accidents.

What happens if either the driver or passengers in these accidents is not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident? In some cases occupants in these accidents can be thrown from the vehicle.  Rear end collisions can cause serious injuries including damage to the head, neck and spine as well as broken bones and other fractures

Unfortunately, the forces involved in a rear end collision are quite severe, and damage to the soft tissues surrounding the neck and spinal column as well as other soft tissues may not fully present for weeks and in some cases months.

It is not unusual for accident victims to reassure their family, friends and co-workers after an accident that they are “ok.”  After more than 40 years of experience in these types of accidents and injuries it is not in your best interests to make any comment publicly to work associates or on social media.  Many of our clients are able to walk and move easily after a rear end collision, only to wind up flat on their backs and in excruciating pain weeks later.  

This is why it is important not to settle these cases with the insurance company for several months after a rear end collision.  We must allow the body time to manifest the impact of the shock of these powerful car accidents, so that we can make sure that they receive the medical care and therapy they deserve.

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