Failure to Yield Causes Serious Injuries in Intersection Accidents

Truck Accident Resulting in Injury in Irvine or Anaheim

Failure to yield causes serious injuries in intersections for Orange County and southern California drivers.  Intersection accidents and failure to yield injury cases are becoming more common each year here the Mission Viejo and across Southern California.  According to the California Highway Patrol distracted driving and cell phone use has never been higher and contributes to an increasing number of serious injuries each year.  These distractions are leading to a greater number of accidents in Orange County intersections.

For example, you arrive at a four-way stop and bring your vehicle to a smooth halt.  You wait your turn, and as you enter the intersection you are broadsided by a driver who ran the stop sign or failed to yield the right of way.

Many intersections across Orange county are obviously controlled by traffic lights.  However, the discretion of how to handle a yellow light is left to each Southern California driver.  While yellow is intended to encourage drivers to slow down and enter an intersection with caution, it seems to many to be a signal to speed up in an attempt to catch the light.  The failure to yield causes serious injuries in intersection accidents to drivers and the passengers of all impacted vehicles.

The power and energy of a side-impact or t-bone car inflict powerful and harsh forces which lash the torso, head and limbs in multiple directions at speed in fractions of a second.  The injuries in an intersection accident often include severe head trauma, broken bones, injuries to the neck and spine and often harm to internal organs.  Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is not uncommon in a side-impact or intersection crash.  The brain is suspended in fluid and the forces associated with impact cause the brain to impact the skull with force, even though the head may not have impacted any object or obstruction within the car.

Failure to yield causes serious injuries in intersection accidents and the personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell encourage everyone to be more cautious as you approach intersections.  Injured?

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