Why are there So Many Rear End Truck Accidents in Orange County

Fullerton Truck Accident

Why are there so many rear end truck accidents in Orange County each year?  Recent information released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides some insight into the increase in rear end truck accidents and truck collisions.

The study reports it is twice as likely for a truck to rear end another motor vehicle than it is for a car to run into the back of a truck.  Some of the reasoning behind these accidents is quite obvious as trucks weigh more than 40 times as much as a car and are much harder to bring to a stop.  This is especially true in Mission Viejo and Irvine and other Orange County communities where traffic on the I-5 or I-405 and other busy streets and highways can quickly go from speed to full stop.

This research also points to poor maintenance and other fleet safety related issues in the trucks which have caused accidents.  Many of the accidents in the study involved brake-related safety issues and other maintenance failures.  The factors of mechanical issues, speed and momentum are the principal reasons why there are so many rear end truck accidents in Orange County.

California limits the roads upon which the heavier vehicles may travel.  It is always a good practice to leave a safe buffer between you and any truck with whom you share the roadway.  Trucks and commercial vehicles are most likely to be found on interstates, freeways, state routes and other divided roadways.  Truck drivers often become fatigued, and distractions from internal information systems, communications and their own cell phones can cause a truck driver to take their eyes off of the road.

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