Fatal Motorcycle Accident with a Lyft Driver in Costa Mesa

fatal motorcycle accident with Lyft Driver in Costa Mesa

A recent fatal motorcycle accident with Lyft Driver in Costa Mesa has all of the symptoms of a wrongful death case.  The accident occurred at Fairview Road and El Camino Drive in Costa Mesa at approximately 8:45 pm.  The Lyft driver had just dropped off their passenger in a subdivision and was making a left hand turn when it apparently came into contact with the motorcyclist.  The driver of the motorcycle was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene by responding emergency personnel.

Police are still investigating the fatal motorcycle accident with Lyft Driver in Costa Mesa and it is too soon to assess blame or negligence.

My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience as a personal injury attorney in Costa Mesa, Irvine and Orange County I have handled many motorcycle accident and injury cases.  It is far too common for a car or other motor vehicle to pull out from a side road or make a left hand turn without seeing an oncoming motorcycle.  When a car pulls into the path of a motorcycle it often results in serious injuries to the motorcyclist and any passenger who may be riding with them.

Those who travel on a motorcycle often wear extensive protective gear and good helmets, but these precautions may not be enough to protect the body from contact with the weight and momentum of a moving car.  If the Lyft driver is ultimately found to be responsible for the accident the family of the motorcyclist should file a wrongful death lawsuit.  California law provides a wrongful death remedy for those who lose their lives due to the negligence of another person.

Nothing and no amount of money can replace a beloved family member.  The proceeds of a wrongful death lawsuit allow the family to seek financial damages for the impact of their loss including, but not limited to the time they would have shared together as a spouse, parent or child in the future, as well as income upon which they depended.  Lyft drivers are covered by extensive insurance including negligence and a wrongful death.

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