Orange County CA Has a High Number of Pedestrian Accidents

Orange County CA Has a High Number of Pedestrian Accidents

Did you known Orange County CA has a high number of pedestrian accidents?  Most motorists who spend a lot of time driving on California roadways would say that traffic is a serious problem. Countless hours are lost while drivers sit in a line of cars that never seem to be moving. This has led some individuals to consider other means of transportation.

Because of the nice weather that is often found within the state year-round, many people decide to bike or walk to get to nearby destinations. This can help save time and money, which can add up throughout the year. While these are extremely convenient options for residents, it unfortunately has led to California experiencing a significant number of pedestrian accidents each year.

According to the most recent numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are nearly 600 pedestrian fatalities within California each year and thousands more suffer injuries in an accident with a car or motor vehicle. This means that 22 percent of individuals killed in accidents in the state were pedestrians, which is significantly higher than the national average of 13 percent.

Since Orange County CA has a high number of pedestrian accidents the State of California has encouraged its agencies to work together with cities to help reduce these accidents. This approach has led planners to take a closer look at roadways to ensure that changes are pedestrian-friendly. While this may lead to fewer accidents in the future, there are things that pedestrians can do to improve their safety.

Pedestrians should try to find an intersection when wishing to cross a busy roadway, or if not available, find a nearby crosswalk. These are areas where motorists expect to see pedestrians, and the traffic controls will often be set up to ensure a safe crossing.

Additionally, pedestrians should be sure that they are paying attention to vehicles when trying to cross a road. Many individuals are listening to music or texting, and are not aware of any potential dangers that may arise. Drivers may expect pedestrians to behave in a certain manner, and make maneuvers based on these expectations.  Overall, awareness and extra precaution will help to reduce what makes California a hot spot for pedestrian accidents.

Often, these accidents cause very significant injuries, and they can lead to very lengthy recovery times. If you have been injured in an Orange County, Anaheim or Irvine pedestrian accident, you may have questions about what you need to do to recover compensation from those responsible for your injuries. Speak to an experienced personal injury attorney about your potential claims, and the damages that may be available.

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