Hire an Experienced Lawyer if You are Injured in a Car Accident in Irvine

Why should you hire an experienced lawyer if you are injured in a car accident in Irvine or Orange County California?  Over the years the legal industry has taken quite a beating in the media, and have been blamed for everything from clogged Courts to healthcare costs.  As a result, many are skeptical about the motives of a lawyer, and how an attorney can make any difference in what they receive as compensation for their injuries.

At some point in the process it becomes obvious to most people that even their own insurance company isn’t dealing fairly with them when it comes to the property damage settlement on their vehicle.  You need to know a few things about personal injury insurance claims:

The Insurance Company has One Goal: Settle your case for the lowest possible amount

This is why you should hire an experienced lawyer if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence in Irvine or Mission Viejo.  While they may seem very friendly and genuinely concerned (they are trained to be so), insurance adjusters are focused on one mission: resolve your case for the lowest possible amount.  Period.  They are highly trained and skilled in many different tactics they can use to convince you to take a much smaller amount than you should deserve (or nothing) and protect profits for their insurance company.

Insurance adjusters are under more pressure and are offering the lowest settlement amounts in many years.  It isn’t just or fair.

There are many numerous auto accident cases in Irvine and Orange County California where the insurance company initially offered a few thousand or low 5 figures ($10,000) for cases which are settled for or return a jury verdict for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In cases involving serious injuries, ride share companies, corporate vehicles or trucks the settlements are in the millions. Look for an experienced lawyer if you are injured in a car accident in Irvine.  The insurance companies need to know your attorneys will stand up to them, and have the legal team behind you to do so.

Insurance companies keep records on every injury attorney, and they know the difference between experienced and effective attorneys who can and will beat them in a trial, versus those who quickly settle for low offers time and again.

The difference to you is substantial.  You only have one chance to settle your claim, and if something comes up later you cannot go back for more.  This is why you should hire an experienced lawyer if you are injured in a car accident in Irvine due to someone else’s negligence.

It is also important to note the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney usually won’t cost you a thing out of pocket as they work on a contingency fee basis.  This means they are paid a small percentage of the amount of money they ultimately recover on your behalf.

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