Pedestrians hit by Cars in Anaheim

Anaheim is the biggest city in Orange County, and so it is no surprise that there are so many pedestrians hit by cars in Anaheim each year.  The city of Anaheim has high pedestrian traffic among its many attractions such as Disneyland, the downtown Disney area, and other pedestrian friendly tourist attractions which draw many pedestrians walking nearby major street intersections. As a driver, one must be very careful to make sure there are no pedestrians crossing intersections before going through. The downtown Disneyland areas have a vibrant restaurant and bar scene, so there are always many pedestrians to be cautious of. As a pedestrian, one must likewise also be careful of automobile drivers that are not aware of their surroundings. As a pedestrian one must be more cautious, as any collision with a vehicle can lead to catastrophic injury. Vehicle collisions involving pedestrians can often result in very serious

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Pedestrian Accidents in Huntington Beach on the Rise

With the influx of tourists during the summer months, pedestrian accidents in Huntington Beach are on the rise.  The majority of those in and around Huntington Beach restaurants, beaches, shopping and retail areas are tourists or visitors to the area, and they are unfamiliar with area traffic patterns and street locations.  Each year Huntington Beach endures more pedestrian accidents than almost any other location in Orange County.  A human being is no match for a heavy motor vehicle and these accidents almost always result in serious injuries to the pedestrian. A large number of pedestrian accidents in Huntington Beach and throughout Southern California are unfortunately hit and run drivers.  Who pays for injuries received as a pedestrian in a hit and run accident?  Many injured victims are surprised to learn that their own automobile policy is the first source of coverage.  The uninsured motorist / under-insured motorist section (UM/UIM) covers

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Two Recent Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents Raises a Question

Two recent hit and run pedestrian accidents raises an important question: “Who pays for injuries to the victim of hit and run pedestrian accidents?”  The primary objective is to identify the driver of the vehicle who caused the injuries, and hold them accountable.  In many cases, local police or the CHP identify the vehicle and driver involved in hit and run pedestrian accidents, and the first source of recovery is the driver’s auto insurance liability policy. What happens when the person who caused the accident cannot be identified?  Many people do not know that your own Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist or UM/UIM coverage in your automobile insurance policy provides financial recovery for injuries and damages associated with pedestrian and motor vehicle related hit and run accidents.  If you are injured as a pedestrian by a hit and run driver, it is your own UM/UIM that will pay for your medical bills, lost

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