Pedestrian Accidents in Huntington Beach on the Rise

With the influx of tourists during the summer months, pedestrian accidents in Huntington Beach are on the rise.  The majority of those in and around Huntington Beach restaurants, beaches, shopping and retail areas are tourists or visitors to the area, and they are unfamiliar with area traffic patterns and street locations.  Each year Huntington Beach endures more pedestrian accidents than almost any other location in Orange County.  A human being is no match for a heavy motor vehicle and these accidents almost always result in serious injuries to the pedestrian. A large number of pedestrian accidents in Huntington Beach and throughout Southern California are unfortunately hit and run drivers.  Who pays for injuries received as a pedestrian in a hit and run accident?  Many injured victims are surprised to learn that their own automobile policy is the first source of coverage.  The uninsured motorist / under-insured motorist section (UM/UIM) covers

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BMW Crushed by Truck Rolled by a Cement Truck in Newport Beach

A BMW crushed by a truck rolled by a cement truck in Newport Beach resulted in several serious injuries, but thankfully all of the parties have survived.  One of the occupants of the BMW was removed from the scene in critical condition with serious injuries, but their health has since improved.  Two others were transported to hospitals with “moderate injuries”, but witnesses at the scene felt the outcome could have been much worse. Reports from the scene described the freak accident.  The cement truck allegedly made contact with the gardening truck which then rolled over onto an off-ramp, crushing the BMW. Truck accidents in Orange County often involve serious and permanent injuries such as traumatic head injuries or paralysis, and after more than 40 years as an injury attorney I can tell you that these cases are quite legally complex.  Commercial trucking companies often have multiple layers of insurance, and the

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Sixth Greyhound Bus Accident in 2 Years Not Due to Alcohol or Drugs

California highway patrol investigators have ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol for the driver of a Greyhound bus that crashed north of San Jose earlier this week, killing 2 and seriously injuring several others.  The fatal accident is the sixth accident involving a greyhound bus in 2 years, and the accident raises serious issues of liability for victims and their families.  The two women who lost their lives at the scene were ejected from the bus during the course of the accident.  Seven other passengers were sent to local area hospitals with serious injuries, though all are thankfully expected to survive. The driver of the Greyhound bus stopped 30 minutes before the accident for coffee and driver fatigue may be a principle cause of the accident.  After more than 40 years of service as an injury attorney in California, I can share that the wrongful death cases that

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