Breaking the perception that bikers cause wrecks

While this is true in some individual cases, it’s unfair to characterize bikers this way, acting as if they do this all of the time. It’s a stereotype that needs to be broken. The reality is that cars often cause these accidents, and they do so in many ways. A few of them include the following:

— Speeding when driving close to motorcycles.

— Tailgating and following the bikes too closely.

— Making mistakes while changing lanes, such as not using a blinker or not checking to see if a bike is already in the lane.

— Blowing through a red light when a bike is coming the other way.

— Driving will distracted, perhaps while talking on a mobile phone or even texting.

— Driving a car that has not been maintained well or one with product defects.

— Not looking for motorcycles while turning left.

Again, this isn’t to say that bikers are never at fault, but it is clear that they are not always at fault and should never be considered to be without proper evidence.

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