Motorcyclist dies in a Fatal Accident in San Juan Capistrano

fatal accident in San Juan Capistrano Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Lane splitting is a common maneuver that motorcyclists use to pass between slow or stopped cars or get ahead of slower traffic. In this case unfortunately, it resulted in the tragic accident.  The legal questions here will focus on the speed involved (the speed of traffic is a component of lane splitting) as well as the behavior of the other vehicle involved in the accident.  Did the car change lanes without looking for the motorcyclist?  Did the car attempt to block the path of the biker?

If so, the driver of the vehicle would be responsible for the death of the biker, and in California this is known as a “wrongful death.”  The family of the motorcyclist would bring the wrongful death action against the driver of the other vehicle to hold them legally and financially accountable.

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