If a Professional Athlete in Anaheim Gives you an STD You Can Prove it and Hold Them Responsible and Accountable

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If a professional athlete in Anaheim gives you an STD it is possible to prove they are the source of the STD transmission and hold them responsible and financially accountable.  It is illegal in California for an Athlete in Anaheim, or anyone else to give you a sexually transmitted disease or STD without warning you in advance of intimate relations.

People in power such as professional athletes and those of wealth and substance often become a bit arrogant and simply do not tell partners if they have an STD.  When confronted with the issue, they will usually say “You can’t prove you got it from me,” or “You got it from someone else,” or “It’s your word against mine,” or worse – “I have powerful lawyers and this won’t go well for you.”

The last person you should take legal advice from regarding the transmission of an STD is the person who gave it to you.  The intimidation and perceived threats can become quite heavy, and my clients often express feelings of being all alone, ashamed and worried about what their future will be like.

If a professional athlete in Anaheim gives you an STD we will help you to hold them accountable.  This isn’t about retribution or gold digging, it’s about the rest of your life. They knew they had an STD and did not warn you. You are now forced to deal with that medically, socially and psychologically.

That’s a civil code violation, and it’s simply wrong. You deserve to be able to have the help you need to address the situation medically and to have the counseling and resources to move forward with your life.  I have helped thousands of people over my 40+ years as an attorney, and I understand how you are feeling right about now.  I invite you to watch a video two of my STD clients have made, and contact us or call to speak with me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation at 949-305-1400. Our work together will lift a burden from your shoulders, and help to make things better.

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